3 Awesome Security Plugins for WordPress

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At any given time, there are about 18.5 million malicious websites on the internet. Every day, an average website is attacked 44 times, including both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. There can be severe repercussions for your business if your website is breached. can steal your data and that of your users and customers

In addition to distributing malicious code to users and other websites, a compromised website can be used to distribute spam. A number of things can go wrong, including losing data, losing access to your website, or being locked out of your website

The destruction or defacement of your website can negatively affect your SEO rankings and brand reputation. At any time, you can scan your WordPress site for security breaches. It can be difficult for non-technical users to clean up a WordPress site without professional help.

If you want to prevent your website from being , you should follow security best practices. We’ve compiled them all into an easy to follow guide for beginners on WordPress security.

Top 3 WordPress Security Plugins:

A WordPress security plugin is one of the most important steps in securing your WordPress site. You can harden WordPress security with these plugins, as well as block brute force attacks on your website. Take a look at some of the best WordPress security plugins and how they can help you protect your website.

  1. Sucuri

In terms of WordPress security, Sucuri is the industry leader. Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin on the market. The Sucuri Security plugin helps you harden WordPress security and scan your site for common threats for free. However, the real value lies in the paid plans, which have the best WordPress firewall protection. By using a firewall, you prevent brute force attacks and malicious attacks on WordPress.

Your server is protected even before bad traffic reaches it with the Sucuri website firewall. Additionally, they serve static content from their own CDN servers. Besides providing security, their DNS level firewall with CDN speeds up your website and increases performance.

Additionally, they offer free malware removal services if your WordPress site becomes infected with malware. They will even clean up a website that has already been infected with malware. All of our websites are protected by Sucuri. See our complete Sucuri review to learn how it helped us protect our websites.

  1. Wordfence

WordPress security plugin Wordfence is another popular option. Their free plugin includes powerful malware scanning, exploit detection, and threat assessment features. A full scan can also be launched at any time, but the plugin will automatically scan your website for common threats. Any sign of a security breach will be reported to you with instructions for fixing it.

Additionally, Wordfence comes with a built-in WordPress firewall. The firewall, however, runs on your server ahead of WordPress loading. Because of this, it is not as effective as a DNS-level firewall like Sucuri. We provide detailed instructions on how to install and configure Wordfence Security for WordPress in our guide.

  1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a WordPress security plugin from the creators of BackupBuddy. The interface of iThemes Security is nice and clean, with a wide range of options.

In addition to file integrity checks, security hardening, password enforcement, 404 detections, and brute force protection, it comes with a number of other features as well. The iThemes Security plugin does not include a website firewall. The program does not have its own malware scanner and instead uses Sitecheck from Sucuri.


Our entire discussion about security plugins has brought us to the conclusion that security is important to be legally compliant with GDPR. A list of GDPR plugins for WordPress includes tools that can help you log user activity on your website. We also have a post with some awesome proven strategies for creating secure WordPress forms that you might enjoy.

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