American Family Looking for a Housemaid in Dubai

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In comparison to the UAE (Dubai), America is a liberal nation with a wealth of amenities. Dubai is a far more limited country than the United States and imposes several limitations on foreigners. It is a Muslim nation with laws and culture that are Arabic in nature. A Housemaid in Dubai

Because of this, immigrants caught with illegal items are frequently detained and subjected to rigid regulations. Americans in particular are prohibited from possessing or using alcohol, engaging in open sexual activity, or dressing indecently.

A bilingual or multilingual servant is what the Americans find to be best for them because they also struggle to speak a different language in a foreign country. The servants assist them to conceptualise all the laws and rules in the state and act as a good conduit between them and society.

Housekeepers are respected by so many American families. Therefore, we’re going to spotlight a position where a household in America requires a housekeeper for a period of time lasting longer than a month.


Let’s look at the job descriptions and family information related to this:

Job: Domestic assistant or housekeeper

Job Status: Full Time

Location: Dubai(UAE)

Weather Conditions: Hot

Salary: 828 to 1091 dollars in US

Accommodation: about the Family

Paid Leaves: can be modified


Job Description a Housemaid in Dubai:

1 : Family Introduction :

The American Family is a two-parent, unbiased family. Both are boys, one is for a year and the other is three years old. The father and mother of the children are two adult family members. Like many American Families, they do always have a pet living with them.

2: Housemaid’s features :

They want their housekeeper to be a polite, modest, and tolerant woman who can manage the workload of a busy house while also taking care of the kids.

3: Tasks to do :

Following is a list of the nanny’s anticipated responsibilities for the family:

  • a very modest and patient nature
  • a playful demeanour when engaging in games with children.
  • cleaning, cooking, and performing all other household chores.
  • getting them ready for school and bathing them
  • coordinating the three-meal, balanced diet for children and parents
  • Drive kids to play places, stores, and schools
  • transporting parents to work
  • checking every child’s school appointment and attending to their events as necessary
  • ensuring that the children are engaged in sports and performing well there
  • Kids can be watched for a few hours between 6:45 in the morning and 9:00 at night.
  • keeping the kids’ health in check and taking them to the doctor when they’re unwell.
  • As a kind nanny, I show children a lot of love and care.


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4: Visa requirement a Housemaid in Dubai :

Given that everyone in the family enjoys travelling, they want the housekeeper to have a visa for the USA. They visit their grandparents in America during the summer and on all holidays. The nanny needs a USA visa because she must carry out her job when they are travelling.

5: Languages :

The American family is looking for a housekeeper who is bilingual so she can speak English and Arabic fluently. The maid is acceptable even if she speaks English.

6: Childcare Skills:

Along with housekeeping abilities, the lady must have childcare knowledge. The devoted housekeeper should be fully knowledgeable in the following areas:

  1. Newborn care involves touching and nursing a baby with extreme caution.
  2. Children’s care
  3. preparing a range of dishes
  4. driving bicycles, golf carts, and motorcycles
  5. instructing both kids
  6. administration of the kids’ room
  7. giving youngsters a wonderful time when they play
  8. Getting youngsters to play a variety of activities based on their interests

7: Cooking :

For the American household, the housekeeper needs to be able to prepare the following meals:

  1. French
  2. Thai
  3. Italian
  4. vegetarian dishes

8: Other Skills :

The Housemaid must possess the skills required to:

  1. Computer use
  2. possess a driver’s licence
  3. making clothing for adults and children
  4. Swimming

The primary ability that the housekeeper must possess is swimming. The swimming lessons would be paid for by the family, even if she does not know when she must agree to go for a few weeks. Since they enjoy swimming and playing in the pool, this is actually for the kids.

Final Words:

In addition to everything else listed here, the housekeeper needs to possess the traits of a decent person in general. This comprises constant tidiness, intelligence, and personal cleanliness.

Additionally, the housekeeper must to treat all of the workers, guests, and kids with respect and honesty. These are the main factors that should serve as a guide, and before applying for a job in Dubai, don’t forget to have a work permit.

If you think you qualify, you can apply at the linked website.


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