ANWhatsapp Apk Download for Android

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ANWhatsApp Apk boasts all the features of the original WhatsApp app as one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp. To date, the app has had ten versions. Updates are available by downloading a new version. 

More info about ANWhatsapp?

Ammar, the developer of ANWhatsApp+10, has created 10 different versions, and all versions are much easier to use than the standard WhatsApp app. On your camera roll, you can also pin multiple images and videos to a single chat. NAWhatsapp and WhatsappMA are alternative versions.

A more advanced version of WhatsApp exists. As well as providing a variety of features, the number of users can be increased and multimedia files can be shared.

Additional Information:

App Name ANWhatsapp
Size 47 MB
Latest Version V12
Developer Ammar
Category Communication
Cost Free
Last updated Today

What’s New in the Latest Version?

The most recent update occurred on 15/12/2020 after it was created by a developer named Ammar; each version from the time it is created lasts approximately 4 to 5 months until the next upgrade is performed.

When the icon is “AN” it indicates the first and second versions of ANWhatsApp, etc.

AN Whatsapp has the following features:

  • Media downloads can now be stopped automatically.
  • Using the new feature, you can reject ringing calls simultaneously.
  • With advanced search, you can improve your search.
  • In the home page, you will see a circle next to the name of your friend if he is online or not.
  • There are 5 different versions of every version. You can pick any version you like.
  • Self-hidden messages can be turned off or enabled.
  • Messages can be scheduled and automatically replied to.
  • Styles can be managed for widgets.
  • Chat and the main interface can be customized in the app.
  • WhatsApp is available in a wide variety of themes.
  • The groups can be controlled by using the options.
  • Quick chats can be accessed directly from the main interface.
  • Another button allows you to send the same message more than once.
  • Files up to 700 MB can be shared.
  • You can enable or disable the Contact online toast
  • You can contact unsaved numbers.
  • Data and conversation history can be backed up.
  • You will receive a toast when your contact goes online.
  • Enable profile picture toast to receive notifications when someone changes their profile picture.
  • Toast can be moved to the top or bottom
  • It is possible to lock WhatsApp by using a pattern or pin code, and you can set a backup question and answer it.
  • Your online status and last seen status can be hidden.
  • A hiding tag is added to forwarding messages.

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