Azur Lane Mod Apk 6.0.820 (Unlimited Money/ Gems) Latest Version

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The Azur lane mod apk is one of the most popular and highly-rated mobile games to come out in recent months. It is an intense arcade shoot ’em up that would be right at home as a cabinet game in any Japanese arcade or even at your local Dave & Busters. In this sense, it’s not dissimilar to developer Yostar’s previous game, Girls Frontline, which I loved at launch but eventually slowed down with updates. But Azur lane is better in almost every way, giving me the same “just one more turn” strategy itch as games like Game of War or Civilization do on PC.

About Azur lane mod apk:

Azur lane mod apk

The premise is simple enough. Azur lane mod apk  you are in command of a fleet of warships similar to World War II-era vessels, only armed with advanced weaponry that enables you to engage in all manner of strategic combat. You can collect various ships from nations around the world, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and start building your own fleet in order to take on the toughest bosses in the game.

Additional Information:

App Name  Azur Lane
Developer  Yostar Limited
Genre   Action
Version 5.1.6
Size 2 GB
Android Requires 4.0+(Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gems
Last updated  2 days ago

Pros and cons of using azur lane mod apk

When we first released the app, we received a good response from everyone. Almost everyone felt that the game was fun and started to play it. However, as you proceed to higher levels, the increased difficulty level will make it impossible for you to enjoy playing as you might not be able to get passed those levels with ease. That is where our application gets interesting because we have been able to address that issue by giving you azur lane mod apk android republic. Now, with the use of the modded version of the game, you will be able to enjoy playing it much more than before.


This Azur lane mod menu includes everything from large battleships that can launch squadrons of fighters, to destroyers equipped with electromagnetic shields that can power up other ships, to submarines armed with torpedoes and even tactical nukes. Wait, what? Yes. The sheer number of weapons and battle strategies at your disposal is fantastic.

You also have the ability to assemble a team of sailors who can be outfitted with a variety of equipment, including food for morale boosts, special machine guns that fire at enemy ships from a distance or anti-aircraft missiles to counter those pesky fighters. Just like the warships themselves, there are a huge assortment of sailors with their own unique abilities, including some who even have special voice-overs.

azur lane mod apk

With all that said, you still have to be smart about how you engage the enemy because every time you lose one of your ships during battle, it’s gone for good. You can’t simply re-build them like in other azur lane mobile strategy game.

In my experience, this seems to have been done specifically to make you want to use more strategic and conservative strategies during battles, as opposed to the all-out wars of attrition that we typically see in similar titles — and it works masterfully.  It’s not perfect, though.

Tips for getting the most out of azur lane mod apk

Most people don’t even know how to use mods in azur lane mod apk – so if you are one of those who is new to this game, then you might want to read on. If you don’t care about the details and just want to download azur lane pc, click here!

  • Use them wisely

Don’t go crazy with your mods. Sure it is tempting to use all the mods you can, but this will make your game laggy and unplayable most of the time. I suggest only using 3-4 high end mods that you like for mobile strike mod apk. Of course, if you don’t care about lagging or want to go full speed, then go ahead.

  • Final tip 

if you want to use mods in Azur lane mod apk, make sure you have azur lane mod apk unlimited money! That way you will be able to get all the power ups and tokens that are needed for them. Try to not max out your rank too fast because otherwise it become hard to get kitsunes or constructors.

How does azur lane mod apk work?

The azur lane apk does not force you to buy or download any application. You just run the app, then play right away! No need to wait for anything. The game will be patched within minutes after it is released worldwide. We do advanced research and develop our own technique in order to break the game apart and inject the mod.

We actually do the mod while you wait, it is a more reliable and efficient method because we can always update whenever the game is patched! Of course, you get to play right away after it finishes 😀 One of the best things about this method is that, it’s totally safe to use. We have been doing this for almost 7 years now, and over 100 games are supported so far!

How to install azur lane mod apk 2022 on your device?

azur lane mod apk

1. download azur lane apk on your device and install it as usual!

2. Play Azur lane on your device and log in your account, if you don’t have one yet: create a new account first! (Just play online or offline missions to get items for free)

3. Enjoy your new features and don’t forget to come back here for more

Benefits of using azur lane mod apk:

Azur lane mod apk is good to use if you’re looking for benefits like

No waiting times

The game will be always ready for you because of the instant speed of the game.

Maximum progress in minimum time

By using this tool, players can obtain maximum levels (lv 10+) in a really short time.

Maximum silver

Azur lane latest version will provide you with unlimited resources, through which you can speed up the game easily.

Unlimited prizes

You can get all items without worrying about things like limited stock or time of availability.

No ban risk

This tool is 100% safe to use because it was already tried and tested by many people.

Minimum ad interruptions

You can play the game without annoying ads that stays in your screen for a really long time as well as popups.

Compatibility with any device

The mod apk is compatible to all devices, even those low end ones that are not supported by the original game.

Game progress reset

If you’re playing the Azur lane on pc and want to get back all your levels, items or resources, then this tool can help you with that.

What’s new?

You can get a lot of gems in azur lane mod apk. The azur lane characters you meet in the game are all members of female ships from different countries. They’re young, cute and full of passion! Different people have different tastes, but we know that everyone will fall in love with at least one girl! They’re all members of female ships.

I found azur lane mod apk very interesting and fun, and I could meet famous people from different countries in the game. However, I don’t care about what happens inside the game that much because it might be changed by official version. You can get unlimited gems in this new program released

  • Azur lane mod apk is packed with new stuff like
  • Increased game speed (Endless events, skill upgrade, etc.)
  • Fast-forward event battles to the end at your own pace
  • New costume mechanism, you can now collect costumes from different countries!

A variety of new “custom quests” will also be available. In these custom quests, players will be able to choose a difficulty level and then fight a powerful enemy that corresponds to that difficulty level.

Moreover, you can get a lot of gems in azur lane mod apk according to your power! It’s free and doesn’t require a jailbreak or root. It is an exciting action game with nice graphics and cute female ship members. The strong point of this game lies in the cute characters and their beautiful stories. Gems and coins are always very important in this game. Get azur lane mod apk unlimited gems 2022, we can easily gain the upper hand in the battle. Gems are our currency, so they’re even more valuable than real money!

Things to consider before installing azur lane mod apk

1) That you consider that game is take up around 40~ GB. (modded app is also around 40~ GB)

2) That your device RAM is at least 3GB. (6GB or more preferred)

3) You consider that not all Android devices support this kind of modded apk apps.

4) That your device’s security level must be turned off for you to install such modded apk apps.

5) You really love twitch shooters type of games and you don’t mind that there is no story in this game just survive as long as you can.

6) That your device’s battery has enough juice to support this modded apk app for hours or days playing this kind of games.

7) Your device has enough storage space to install such massive apk apps.

8) If you still don’t want to consider above points and putting your Android device’s life at risk; we recommend you to play the browser version of this game with Chrome or Firefox, and if possible with Opera Mini (browser app).

9) That if you really like this kind of modded apk apps, please support the developer by buying such paid apps.


  1. What is “azur lane mod apk”?

“azur lane mod apk” is a trending topic among mobile gamers. In short, it is about modifying the application that you have to gain an advantage in the game even up to becoming invincible. Do not use this method if you don’t know how to modify, otherwise you will be reported to the game administrators.

2. What is MOD APK?

MOD APK (Modified Application) is an ordinary apk (application file) that can modify or add some features in the game. To use this method you need Root Access and a File Manager to change the permissions of the application so that it can be modified successfully.

3. Is azur lane mod apk safe?

No, it is not safe. This is a modified version of the application so you have to be careful when using it. This has been tested by many players so this method can give positive results if used properly. If you abuse this method, your account may be banned from playing the game permanently. In addition, this method only works on Android devices so do not use this on iOS and PC.

4. What is Root Access?

Root Access refers to a user that has full access to the system files of the device. He can change or modify files from installing, deleting, and modifying files from the cache etc. Updating an application may cause problems if you do not flash back to earlier versions so this method does not work on updates.

5. How to modify azur lane mod apk?

Download Azur Lane Mod Apk 2.1.3 game Guardian and open it (only for Android) Open the game and wait until the modification bar reaches 100% Once controlled you can buy all the girls you want and customize them to your liking.

6. What is an Android Mod?

An android mod is a modification of the original game that enables players to access features that are normally not available in the original game such as Units, Equipment, Shop Items and many more


In sum, the Azur Lane is a new free to play shooter type of game that usually use on mobile platform and on browser. The graphic of this game uses 3D graphics and you can see waifus based on historical figure all in cute anime girls. This game is actually pretty good for shooting games’ beginners, the tutorial will teach you everything that you need to know about this game. There are 6 different modes inside this game, each mode has its own features and mechanics, so it’s really up to you if which mode that you like most.

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