Blade of God MOD APK v6.1.5 latest version +OBB file

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Nordic folklore inspires Blade of God: Vargr Souls, a fantasy role-playing game. The game’s main character, Chaos, is a mystery individual caught between two great gods. His special powers will enable him to defeat a large number of opponents and save his family. As well as the master sword, the hero can control demons and summon spirits of vanquished foes for assistance. This makes his strategy easier to execute.

About Blade of God MOD APK:

Square Enix’s popular Final Fantasy series is well-known to fans of the JRPG genre. Nevertheless, you are looking for something different than the aesthetics and story-telling frameworks of these games? BLADE OF GOD is the game you are looking for. It is a JRPG based on Greek mythology with fantasy elements. Rather than focusing on increasing character strength and exploring levels, the progression of the game focuses on increasing character strength. Are some comments saying BLADE OF GOD is like God of War? Let’s examine a few characteristics and find a few solutions.

Additional Information:

App Name  Blade of God APK
Latest Version 6.1.0
Size 69 MB
Developer  PG Soul Games
Compatible device Android
Device Requirements  Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited money, unlimited resources, all unlocked
Last Updated  2 days ago


There’s a cult following for the hard-core 3D action and adventure game Blade of God. The storyline is fascinating and intriguing. There is a Quick Time Event-based battle system. You can perform combos, dodge perfectly, throw mountain monsters, transform and evolve, summon spirits, and transform and evolve. Your opponent will be defeated with a combination of soft and harder attacks. The mobile game Blade of God is a 3D action game with a hardcore theme. BOG has a combat system that includes QTEs (Quick Time Events), flawless dodges, throws, mounting monsters, transformations, spirit callings, and combo attacks combining heavy and light attacks.

In Blade of God, players experience the God of War epic in three dimensions. A mysterious character using a scythe will be your challenge this time. You must kill the monster using the most ruthless method possible in order to progress. You control the blade of god at all times. On the left side of the screen is a control stick and a button that will start the finishing process.

This special will let you watch your protagonist get rid of his assailant by using the action buttons that he will find. You will see three special attacks as well as the main attack. Some paths are more difficult than others.

Blade of God MOD APK Features:

Epic dark action game

The players of the game can use the virtual keys in the bottom two corners of the screen to perform combat operations, maneuver, and generate damage combos. While the mission system is extremely detailed, players are still able to execute and investigate the plot with the available scenarios. Players can traverse the map using only a sword and slay the monsters that appear at random. In order to level up faster, develop characters more effectively, and unlock new areas, players should complete the recommended work.

Furthermore, the game regularly hosts boss hunting tournaments so players can demonstrate their fighting skills after hours of practice. You can also own uncommon and expensive items in the game. You can’t ignore that.

Intriguing Plot

This hardcore MMORPG has a captivating plot. In addition to its battle system that incorporates all the things that make an MMORPG wonderful, such as the QTEs (Quick Time Events), flawless dodges, throwing, mounting monsters, spirit summoning, and combination attacks of light and heavy, you will never get bored or lose interest in it.

There is a connection between it and Norse legends. Norse mythology influenced both the scenery and the locations of the movie. The game doesn’t have a good plot. Characters in the game must make choices between salvation and destruction, sin and punishment, sacrifice and redemption, and survival or punishment in order to preserve their family.

System of Characters

BLADE OF GOD provides players with customizing their looks in addition to a class system, which has three primary classes: Warrior, Wizard, and Summoner. Each class’ characters will go through a distinct development process, along with having different combat skills and powers. A warrior is capable of dispatching a large number of enemies with strong, versatile fighting abilities. Blood and mana can be collected by magicians, as well as spells that can cause their opponents suffering and death. In addition, Summoners’ attacks are quite fast, and their protection ability minimizes damage by a considerable amount when matched with their high attack speed. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend characters. If you want to develop your character, consider which type of play is best for you.

A character is also created at the attribute and system levels, in addition to its class. Characters acquire experience points as they fight and complete tasks, which enable them to level up and unlock new areas and features, as well as mature as characters. By upgrading your skills, you can boost attributes such as attack, defense, criticality, and speed by using external things such as armor or weapons. This is an unavoidable process, as personalization is more important than scripts even though they have been written in advance. A strong and skilled character is required to overcome perilous dungeons and conquer formidable bosses.

Signals and Combat Techniques

It is necessary to develop BLADE OF GOD. Apk with three main activity zones. Change of this nature is vital. Your fighting skills and unique abilities will be influenced by characters from various classes.

Adaptability and strength

There are many different characters in the book, including warriors, wizards, and conjurers. Warrior characters are strong and adaptable. Consequently, the characters manage to defeat a number of fast opponents. The healing power of the heart allows the characters to defeat a large number of fast opponents.

MOD Features:

  • A type of combat known as ‘hardcore combat’ is described as such. Combinations, counters, riding, transformations, perfect dodges, QTEs, and others.
  • A total of 50 huge animals and fallen gods appear in over 50 different situations with varying aesthetics. The player is able to capture and use fallen souls during battle.
  • The narrator describes the mythology as awesome.
  • Nine kingdoms are represented in the game universe, as well as four Fallen Gods: Odin, Thor, Loki, and four other characters. Heim and Esther’s trust, as well as the final outcome, will be affected by the plot choices.
  • In ‘Dark Art’, a lot of black and white is used

By melding the ideas and inspiration of several artists into a dark art style, we create imaginary myths. Players are able to create exciting conflicts with each character’s action design.

What is the process for installing Blade of God MOD APK on Android?

If you previously played this game, be sure to uninstall it first. Finally, select security from the settings menu, and then enable unidentified sources (just in case the installation fails).

This app’s modified APK file can easily be installed. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Click the download button below to download the file.
  2. Upon completion of the download, open the file
  3. Your Android device must be installed with the app.
  4. Please read and follow all instructions included in the package.
  5. You can now use this fantastic app after it has been installed properly.

How to Install Blade of God MOD APK on PC?

This guide will show you how to install Blade of God MOD APK on a PC. This can be done using NOX or BlueStacks. Below is the procedure.

A good example is this. As a first step, install the BlueStacks app player into your computer. Using this emulator, you are able to run mobile apps on your PC.

  1. E. Once you install the emulator, you’ll need to download our modified APK.

The third. In order to install the program, you need to execute the file or click on the “Import From Windows” button after downloading.

Four. Run the application once it has been installed.



Would you recommend Blade of God?

Nordic mythology is the basis for the action game Blade of God. Its main focus is energizing and exciting combat with various components and ability development systems.

Is Blade 2 available offline?

OFFLINE users can access their public accounts. A licensed gaming account will be assigned to you after your purchase. Playing the game online is not possible!


In sum, you can also play the game from our site if you like this comprehensive article about the game. Please comment if you have any questions.

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