Cricket 19 APK Download For Android

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Are you a sports fan but unable to participate in them due to current pandemic restrictions? Unfortunately, the situation is the same for many people today. Your cricket craze can be satisfied from the comfort of your own home. Although it may seem illogical at first, we are about to introduce you to an application that should be able to accomplish your needs. Cricket 19 APK + OBB is a great game developed for all the cricket lovers out there who are unable to play outside.

About Cricket 19 APK:

A home sport of outdoor sports is an idea nobody would ever think of! This cricket game by Bug Art Studios is highly realistic and conforms to the original rules, making it an exciting experience for players.This cricket game by Bug Art Studios is highly realistic and conforms to the original rules, making it an exciting experience for players. Premiered on July 30, 2019, it stunned the world with its amazing features and ultimately gained global popularity for its awe-inspiring qualities.

Using the realistic graphics and sound quality provided by the game, you’ll feel like a professional cricketer participating in international tournaments.

Play Cricket 19

Cricket 19 has an extremely simple yet complex gameplay. The game is easy to play if, and only if, you are an experienced cricket player and have a fair understanding of computer gaming because the keypads may not be easy to use specifically under stress. Cricket 19 offers an array of features to enhance the gaming experience. Its graphics and gameplay are incredibly realistic.

You will need to create a team of players in order to participate in a championship game. Let’s look at the process. When you are playing the Career Mode, you will need to have a cricket team made up of players with previous experience in the game.

Real, physical cricket depends on a player’s stamina and accuracy of hit, just as it does in Cricket 19. Upon winning the match, you will receive various rewards, which will increase players’ performance, taking into account their stamina and hitting ability.

Furthermore, environmental factors are taken into account in the game to make it even more realistic. Rainy seasons delay matches and hot weather causes players to sweat, which tires them quickly, so it is with soccer matches.

The Features of Cricket 19

Cricket 19 offers many features that were present in the original title. In order to get a better understanding of the game, look at the following features:

  • Cricket 19 offers a realistic experience and all the small details have been taken into consideration. A Cricket 19 match will also be delayed by ongoing extreme weather conditions, as is the case in a physical cricket match. Wins are often determined by the player’s stamina and their ability to hit the target. These are all reasons why cricket is so popular and desirable.
  • The majority of cricket game applications only contain regular cricket matches like Tests, ODIs, and T20s. For the players, Cricket 19 features all of the cricket formats, including Test matches, ODIs, and T20 format matches, so they can play with greater vigor and deeper interest.
  • Several interesting features are available in the game’s career mode. A specialized team can be created in this mode depending on their abilities, so they can compete for an international tournament. You must select these players for the national team. In order to make the game more interesting and fun, you can customize your own character and play it in career mode.
  • With improved artificial intelligence, the graphics in this game are more realistic and of higher quality.
  • In addition to featuring all the popular teams and players, the game is more enticing.
  • Complete in international tournaments: Unlike career mode, you can prepare your players for international competitions in the Scenario mode.
  • Through this game, you can now achieve your dream of becoming an international cricket star!

Cricket 19 Lite

Cricket 19 is not available in Lite format on the internet. You have multiple options to choose from, so you should not worry about false claims.

In addition to the many games on Google Play, Stick Cricket and the World Cricket Championship are also available. Stick Cricket involves you as a batsman and you have to smash every ball coming your way. This game is not as exciting as Cricket 19 in its graphics or gameplay, but it can be a source of fun during times of boredom.

The World Cricket Championship, however, is a fun and challenging game with 3D graphics, which can be played instead of Cricket 19. Game players can customize their players according to their own preferences, adding a personal touch and creating a sense of attachment. At the moment, many people consider this game to be one of the best cricket games available.

Cricket 19 Size For Android

Cricket 19 is quite a large app, requiring 400 MB of storage space on Android devices. There is no way to download this on phones with low storage or on phones that cannot handle the load of the game. Since we don’t want you to be sad, provides a number of games that do not require much space to play and will keep you entertained.

Cricket 19 for Android: Where can I get it?

  1. From the above download link, download Cricket 19 APK file first.
  2. By tapping on the downloaded file, you will be able to install the app from unknown sources.
  3. It will take a long time to install since it is a big cricket game.


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