Download AN8 WhatsApp Messenger v20 For Android

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Since the official WhatsApp version lacks many features that users want, AN8 WhatsApp is one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp Plus. As WhatsApp Plus came to offer the features users wanted, you will see why it is so popular and why users prefer it over the official WhatsApp app when you download ANWhatsApp latest version apk 2021.

AN8WhatsApp Features:

  • 5 accounts can be switched

You can switch between five numbers from one version of ANWhatsApp. You can find it in Ammar Adds and then you can choose Switch Accounts.

  • Features that protect your privacy
  1. Hiding your online status and last seen is possible.
  2. “Forward” messages should be stopped.
  3. Hiding “forward message”.
  4. Prevent the deletion of messages and statuses.
  5. Delete the blue tick, the second tick, the “typing”, and the “recording”.
  • You can lock WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, you can set a pattern or a pin code to lock the app, and you can also enter a backup question and answer.

  • Choosing a notification option

It notifies you when someone is online, if any of your contacts sees your status, and also if someone changes their profile picture, and it allows you to control the duration of the notification as well as where it is displayed.

  • Options for AN Media

You are only allowed to send 30 images per message in the original WhatsApp, but with AN WhatsApp, you can send media files with a size of 700 MB, and you can choose which files are saved in your phone.

  • Interface for chatting

AN8 WhatsApp has two new buttons:

  • Conversations can be accessed quickly without returning to the main interface.
  • When the other button is pressed, the same message is sent many times at the same time

Download AN8WhatsApp:

Now you can get the most demanded AN8 WhatsApp messenger just by clicking the download link below


What’s New?

  • The self-hidden message option must be enabled.
  • Media downloads can now be stopped automatically.
  • Call rejection with ringing and call rejection without ringing are new features.
  • Search advanced features.
  • A circle will be placed next to your friend’s name if he is online or not on the home page

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