Download Cuphead Mobile v0.6.1 Apk For Android [Latest Version]

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When we are talking about the Cuphead apk, it is the story of two brothers named Cuphead and Mugman. They both put the money on the devil and lost all. Now they seek to recover their soul, so they have decided to take an adventure, which will take them into the new world.

In this game, you will find yourself in the animated world. You will play in a casino and lost all you have, and finally, you will start your journey. The art used in-game is outstanding. It reflects the best cartoons of the 1930’s style. More than anything, it’s just a mixture of fun, art, and strategies. Cuphead apk latest version works very well and effective.

When we talk about its origin, the Cuphead was designed by a team of 20 software engineers of Canada In a Canadian studio. This game got very popular in its initial stage in 2017, played by thousands of people.

Cuphead apk Features:

Like every game, the Cuphead apk brilliant game has a unique feature. To get pleasure these features, you must have this game in your library.

Play PC games on a smartphone

You may play this game on a PC/Laptop and a smartphone as well.

Children Game:

When we ensure the content of the Cuphead, it matches the interest of the children. This is the best cartoon game and will make children busy with joy and fun.

Dimensional platform:

Cuphead apk is a two-dimensional platform. In simple words, if we want to understand what is two-dimension, assume when we have only length and height, as most of the geometrical shapes like circle, rectangle, etc.


This game graphics are not like the modern world games, but still, they are the eye-catcher of children, especially according to the content and style of cartoons.

Characters in the game:

You will see only two heroic characters in the Cuphead, which we have discussed earlier. Both are brothers. While when we talk about the other characters, they are Weepy and Cagney Carnation.

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 Additional information

App name Cuphead apk
Requires Android 4.1and above
Version v0.6.1
Get it from Google play store
Price Free
Size 238 MB
Info Latest
Category Arcade/adventurous
Updated last 2 days ago
Publisher Appcombo

 How to Download and install steps:

Once you install The Cuphead apk on your device, we are confident your interest in this game will be at the peak. So, we provide the following guidelines to install the game.

  1. Go to browser and type the website (, search the game in the search box and click on the download option.
  2. Now, a download will start, making sure that it can download completely.
  3. After a complete download, go to android security settings to enable unknown resources.
  4. Go to file manager and click on the recently downloaded apk file And click on the icon of the to install on your device.
  5. Click on it again as the final installation process will proceed.
  6. Once the installation is complete, open the apk file
  7. Your desired game is now installed entirely on your device and is ready to engage you in joy and fun.



  1. Is Cuphead an offline game?

No, for playing this collection of games, you should have a functioning and fast Internet association.

  1. Does Cuphead cause addiction?

Yes, it can be addictive when you play this game all the time.

  1. Is Cuphead apk free or paid?

This game is free to play.

  1. Where was this game initially generated?

The Cuphead is a Canadian gaming app.

  1. How can one earn the coins Cuphead?

You can get coins first by completing the tutorials in world 1, and then they can get other coins by chatting with the apple man sitting on the bridge in world 1.

  1. Is Netflix thinking of making a Cuphead series?

It is the most rated game of 2017 and is being adapted as a series by the Netflix platform.

  1. What do you know about the parents of Maguma and Cuphead?

As we know, they are brothers. In the overall game, their parent has never been seen or mentioned by developers. Hence, it can be concluded that both brothers are orphans.

Final words:

When we look back in history, the Cuphead apk reflects an art style inspired by 1930’s Fleisher cartoons. Primarily children like the game because of the cartoon characters. While playing, you will face many bosses like a Grim matchstick, which is the hardest known Boss in the Cuphead and Sally’s initial stage is the easiest of entire, and The Devil is the final Boss of the game.

Most people show their interest to ask whether it is a Multiplayer game or not. The simple answer for those is that it is a two-player local cooperative, which two players can enjoy simultaneously. This game doesn’t support the split-screen; that’s why most professional game lovers want this feature to be included in it.


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