Download Emergency HQ APK Version v1.7.00+ Data for Android

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If you are all done with the action games and smooth girly games, this is something different because, in today’s article, you will know about one of the best rescues called emergency HQ APK. In this game, you have to rescue various people stuck in danger or even stop building fire extinguishers. Other than that, everything is under your control, so make sure to pay attention to emergency units and technical services. The game contains different disaster management in which you can do crime control, rescue options, give medical to the injured peoples, and command the vehicles. Overall you have to do everything to normalize the situation. 

About Emergency HQ APK: 

The game we’re going to talk about is emergency HQ APK, a simulation game containing frequent emergencies. Throughout the game, you have to focus on a role you will be playing as a firefighter.

EMERGENCY HQ APK download 1440x810 Still, apart from that, you will also be giving some extra services like be a policeman, doctor or provide a few additional official services. Moreover, you have to reach the emergency destination by using all the vehicles supplied in the game but always make sure to use the right vehicle so you can accomplish the mission as soon as possible. Apart from that, a significant benefit you will get in this game is learning how to face a few basic emergencies. 

App Overview:

App name  Emergency HQ APK 
Genre  Strategy 
Size  668.3M
Latest version  1.6.09 
Feature  Speed 
Download it from  Google play store 
Last updated  2 days ago 

The Gameplay Of Emergency HQ:

As I told you before, it is easiest to play emergency HQ APK latest version; what you have to do in this game is trying to solve the missions and challenges with the help of your warrior team. You have to use various vehicles according to the need of your task.

EMERGENCY HQ on APKMODY 1440x810Apart from that, you will lead and give commands to police officers, firefighters, medical staff, and every person involved in your mission. Moreover, test your skills while working against solid leagues. 


These fantastic, many unique features will surely make you love the game. Among all those features, a few of them are given below: 

Build your rescue team: 

You will get a chance to make your rescue team having various warriors with some specific responsibilities. These warriors will get ready to get your command in an emergency. As soon as you get any emergency scene, your investigation will start. 

Fight in the commotion: 

In every emergency, you have to be attentive so you can use every technology and service correctly. Apart from that, examine the case perfectly so you can inform all the departments accurately.  

Face various accidents: 

EMERGENCY HQ for Android 1440x810Each day, you will interact with tons of accident cases, which will be your responsibility to solve the mission. But with all these missions, remember that you will also face obstacles, so get ready for that. 

Join others:

With your team, there will also be different teams joining them to help you throughout your mission. You can also build HQ in which trains your warriors to face any situation easily. 


What makes this game addictive is its most accessible gameplay. There aren’t any tricky or complicated controls, so you can easily monitor the movement of your warriors. 

App version history: 

In Emergency HQ APK Version 1.6.09, there will lot of exciting features in which will make you addicted to this game as it is easy to play, which means no need to face any complications in-game controls. Apart from that, the requirement of this game is android 5.0 or up, which means you can now easily play it on android devices.

Additionally, all the characters will also work under your control, including firefighters, EMTs, medical staff, and police officers. Further information on the game is provided below. Various levels will increase by mild, moderate, and then severe. The level also depends on the type of emergency; in hospitals to police departments, we usually face mild to medium while the level gets severe in fire-related situations.

What’s new? 

Here are a few things you will get in the latest version: 

  • Lady firestorm will tour the emergency land. 
  • She is a world-famous pop icon. 
  • New missions related to lady firestorm. 
  • Receive more than 500 coins from deports. 
  • Get a chance to build a concert stage. 
  • Bug fixes and optimizations. 
  • The app is safe to play. 


1: How to get unlimited money?

If you want unlimited money in this game, you have to do one thing, which is downloads its latest version. In this version, you will get everything complete including cash, and remaining premium features. 

2: Is it safe to play the emergency HQ latest version?

Yes, this game is safe to play. Because the game is uploaded after several tests, which proves it to be safe for phones, so it will not harm your smartphone or any other device. 

3: Is it free to play emergency HQ?

Yes, you can download and play emergency HQ for free, but there are a few features in the game which you have to pay to get. But if you don’t want to spend money, the only solution is to download the latest version. 

4: How to play emergency HQ Apk on PC?

To play this fantastic game on PC, you have to download the android emulator on your PC first and then download the game. 

5: How to unlock and buy items in the emergency HQ Apk?

There is no need to purchase or unlock anything in the latest version because you will get everything already unlocked after downloading it. 


I hope the article is clear enough to give you all the necessary information about the emergency HQ APK. Feel free to download the game on your android device and start playing it, as you will surely learn something new from it. Apart from that no need to pay anything because the updated version is free to play.

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