Download GBWhatsApp APK v19 Old Versions for Andriod

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If you want all of your messages in your GBWhatsApp, we suggest that you take a backup of your chat in the original WhatsApp. To take a backup, go to WhatsApp*Settings*Chat*Chat backup and click on backup. You can get GBWhatsApp for your smartphone as one of the best WhatsApp mods available. Among other things, this WhatsApp mod supports multiple accounts. This mod is not available on the Google Play Store or any other app distribution service. Below you’ll find the download link for GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Features :

  • Using the interface: 

GB Whatsapp has four sections on the homepage: chats, groups, status, and calls. It is covered by the Whatsapp logo, flight mode, dark/light mode, search button, and three lines. Whatsapp flight is the same as phone flight because you will only have your GB account on flight mode when you turn it on. Both dark and light modes are available in the dark/light option. Dark mode is the first option. Light mode is the second one. Additionally, the search function allows you to find anything in your GB Whatsapp.

Three lines also contain some excellent options, such as Message a number, New broadcast, Starred messages, and many more.

  • Text a number 

Select the message a number option by clicking on the three lines. Now, enter any number you would like to send a message to

  • Security and privacy:

 The messaging and calling options in this section make modded apps better than the original WhatsApp number. You can send a message or make a call to any number, whether or not it’s saved in your contact list. There are two parts to the privacy and security section. Hide online status, Privacy contacts, groups, broadcasts, custom, calls, chats, and status options are available in Privacy. Hiding your last seen can be accomplished by hiding your online status. You can hide blue tick, second tick, blue microphone, typing, and recording in privacy contact, group, and broadcast options.

  • Themes from Google Play: 

At the GB theme store, you’ll find a huge selection of themes. Pick a theme from the list and use it on your GB WhatsApp. I applied one of the themes in the screenshot, and like this, GB theme store offers a wide range of themes.

  • Layout customization:  

Screens can be customized in two ways. In the first screen, we have a home screen, and in the second one, we have a conversation screen.

  • Customized home screen first.

A number of options are available on the home screen to modify the whole layout of the homepage, including the header, rows, floating action button, and status. On the Header, you can change the Home UI style, stories style, Page title text, selected tab underline, tab background, unread message counter, unread counter text color, and many more.

Additional Information:

App Name GBWhatsApp
Version v18.10.0
Size 52.5 MB
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated 2 days ago

 How to download GB WhatsApp?

  1. From the given download button, download and install the GB WhatsApp. During installation, if it shows unknown sources, then you need to enable it from the settings.
  2. It will display a pop-up like this once the installation is complete.
  3. Open the button by clicking on it. As you can see from the screenshot, it displays something similar to WhatsApp
  4. Photos, media, and files from your mobile phone will be requested. Continuing will require your approval.
  5. If you have taken a backup of your original WhatsApp, you can now restore your data by clicking on the RESTORE button. As an alternative, you can click CONTINUE IF YOU AGREE.
  6. I will select the second option because I do not want my old conversations on GB WhatsApp. Input your mobile phone number.
  7. On the number you entered before, you will get a six-digit code. Click the Next button after entering the code. 
  1. You have now completed the installation process. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the features you’ll get with this WhatsApp.


  1. What is the procedure for updating GB Whatsapp?

Keep checking GBWhatsApp in SoftGOZA for updates to ensure that you have the updated mod. You can download the APK file once an update is released by clicking on the download button. To update to the latest version, click on the APK file on your device.

2. Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

It is safe to use without fear. WhatsApp is a 100% secure app, so you need not worry about security issues.


The following is a list of all the features of GB Whatsapp. You should also know that GBWhatsapp has a comprehensive feature set. Our goal is to provide some in-depth information on the main features of GB Whatsapp. 

This information about GB Whatsapp should be sufficient for any user. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

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