Download Hungry Shark World APK v4.7.0 [Unlimited Money]

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It is one of the unique games available on the internet. Are you looking for a game packed with suspense and adventures, you should go for Hungry Shark World apk; it will be a perfect game for you. If you haven’t played this game before, you should install it on your gadget, and we are sure you will be in love with this awesome game.

As the name of the game suggests, this game is entirely based on the sharks, and while playing the this game, you will only play a role of a hungry shark that always lives under the water, eats other fishes, and ultimately tries to find a treasure. In the initial stage, you might feel a bit bore, but after some time, when some locked features become unlock, your joy level will also touch the peak.

Hungry Shark World APK Features:

Hungry Shark World is an excellent game; you may fall in love with this after playing for a few times; it has many sets of features, which we will discuss here, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

A world full of sharks:

As we have already discussed, Hungry Shark World apk is all about the sharks, and you also have to play a role of a shark in this game; while playing, you will find almost seven kinds of sharks surrounding you. During the initial stage of the game, you will be an essential and small-sized shark; after playing dozens of stages and when you make the grip over the game, there will be many unlocked features through which you will ultimately become a gigantic shark.

Open environment/world:

This game’s dynamic and straightforward mission is not only to complete the stages and move forward but also to explore the world inside the water, by which you may get many treasures and other jackpots.


It is undoubtedly fully loaded with stunning, best, and dynamic 3D effects and graphics. You will see hundreds of the creatures in this game, but each has its abilities, looks, and motion in the water. In simple words, the graphics of this game are eye-catching and are very attractive, and look natural.

Dangerous and killing rivals:

As we have mentioned earlier, while playing this game, you will meet hundreds of creatures; some are not harmful while others might cause killing you. There are small and considerable/mighty sharks in this; the simple rule of this game is to eat or get eaten by the monster sharks. You have to become so energetic and the best strategy maker for your survival while playing the game. You will have to complete around 20 different levels in this game, and many creatures will help you achieve the game.

Additional Information:

App name Hungry Shark World
Requires Android 4.2 and above
Version v4.7.0
Get it via Google play store on android
Price Free
Size 114.5 Mb
Mod Premium, Unlimited coins
Updated last 10 days ago.
Publisher Apkgorila

How can one Download and Install?

We strongly recommend you download the best and gigantic Hungry Shark World apk on your gadget. We are confident that your curiosity level in this game will touch its peak. Along these wordings, we give you certain rules and procedure to introduce this dynamic game to your gadget.

  1. Go to any search engine browser and type the website ( the search box; when the webpage loading completes, then search the game (Hungry Shark World apk 2022) in the search box and click on the download option.
  2. Now, a download will get started, ensuring that it can download totally without interruption.
  3. After a complete download, go to android security settings to turn on the Unknown resources to install APK software.
  4. Go to the Android File manager and click on the new downloaded apk file, Hungry Shark World apk. Then, click on the symbol of the Hungry Shark World latest version to introduce on your smart device.
  5. Click on it once again as the final install process will continue.
  6. At the point when the installation is completed, launch the apk file.


FAQs :

  1. Is Hungry Shark World offline?

yes, it is an offline game and you can enjoy its best features without any distraction and tension of the internet connection.

  1. Do Hungry Shark World cause addiction?

Indeed, it very well may be habit-forming when you play the best Hungry Shark World game is primarily for overcoming your boredom, but gradually it will become your habit and you may not live without playing this game.

  1. Is Hungry Shark World  free to use?

The Hungry Shark World is free to play,

  1. Is the Hungry Shark World consume battery too much?

Generally speaking, every game affects the device’s battery life; in this way, Hungry also consumes the battery to a greater extent.

  1. Where to update the Hungry Shark World?

One can update and enjoy the latest features of the best Hungry Shark World from the referenced website (

Final words:

When we talk about the popularity level of the Hungry Shark World apk , it is downloaded more than 2M times on the google play store, so we may conclude that it is one of the best and unique games with great gameplay and features available on the internet. If you feel bore in your daily life and want to play a game that can overcome your boredom, this is a perfect game for you. After reading this article, we are sure you won’t find another way to install this best-featured game.


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