Download Iron Blade v2.3.0h APK Latest Version For Android

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Are you in for new activities and exciting games, then this is the right place for you. Iron blade apk is a new game from the Gameloft gaming studio, specially made for people interested in playing adventurous and role-playing games. In this game, you build up your future by playing epic battles. This game is listed as one of the most thrilling RPG games in which you have to struggle and discover new things in middle-aged Europe. You get a chance to be a completely new fantasy world having fantastic graphics and pleasant sound quality.

Gather new and powerful weapons for your artillery in the hunt and discover new adventurous and realistic places. Also, play with new people from around the globe, which will help you polish your gaming skills and abilities. And build your empire or kingdom, which will help you grow your rank in the game. You also get a chance to take part in player vs. player challenges to give your best and improve your fighting skills.

About The Iron Blade Apk?

this game starts in French history, where you have to continue playing the game on your own and figure out the story ahead. You fight with the military to make peace in France. This game has a rather simple and easy-to-use user interface in which you can play endless firey battles. You get to play battles with a wide range of powerful guns and weapons, armors, and shields against your opponent players. Fight against monsters in a new and exciting location, which will help boost your skills. in addition, you get to hear amazing music and sound effects and great controllers, which make this game unique from others.

How to play this game?

This game is an incredible medieval battle in which you are a small knight who has to fight challenges after challenges to proceed with the game. You use your mighty sword to protect yourself from the land of monsters, blood, and dark magic. Get a chance to fight with dangerous monsters, explore different locations, break the bondage cursing over your empire, and become the ultimate hero. Save yourself and your kingdom from the evil in the game to win from the battle against the shadow kingdom. Do not lose hope by losing one battle but get motivation and build yourself to fight again and win the game to free your kingdom and become the real hero and ruler of your empire.

What’s new?

The latest version of the game has new features and options which may attract and catch the eye of all players and gamers. Some of them are listed below:

  • You get to battle with new armor sets like the knighty thistle set and the ruthenian set. Download this game and enjoy playing in these new armor sets.
  • There are new improvements in the game.
  • Bugs and issues have been fixed, which caused a problem during gaming.

Special Features Of Iron Blade Apk:

Here are some of the amazing game features which are very attractive for gamers. some are listed below:

The heroic quest:

Your kingdom is attacked by evil and demonic monsters who attack everything with their bloodlust and evil intentions. Take out your powerful sword to hunt the evil monsters and banish them from your kingdom. Discover the fantasy world and other epic warriors and players to explore new mysteries.

The descent of war and battle:

The controls of this game are specially designed for their RPG gaming players to enjoy the game at its most. You can easily carry a large number of weapons and swords for your safety and protection. Construct an honest and hardworking empire to wipe out the monster combos. Behold your special powers ups and abilities to fight with the fearsome foes with your amazing sword moves.

King of RPG gaming:

Get hold of powerful weapons and master them to cover the RPG journey with victory. Customize and improve your monster protecting gear which will help increase your strength and power. Use fantastic spells and gaming skills on your opponents to win the battle.

Play online with gamers:

Set up an RPG empire where you can play online with your friends and family to enjoy the game to its most. Moreover, use your skills on different players to destroy their empire and take over all their resources for your use.

Features of Iron blade apk:

some of the features of this game are as follows:

No ads:

Advertisements are a source of earning money. When you are playing a game, an ad pops up on your screen, creates a lot of disturbance for the gamers, and may cause a delay in the game. But in the version, you get to play this game without any interruption of ads and sponsorships.

Unlimited currency and money:

In the version of the game, you get to play with unlimited money, which helps you play without any delay or pause. You can buy anything in the game with the game’s constant currency.

All levels unlocked:

This feature of the game allows you to play all the levels without unlocking them. All of them are already unlocked, and you do not have to struggle to open them.

How to download?

  1. First, delete any old version of the game installed on your android device.
  2. Now go to settings and enable to download anything from unknown sources
  3. Now open the relevant website and download the apk file from the link provided.
  4. Wait until the download is complete
  5. Install the app.
  6. Once the installation is complete, start the game and enjoy its amazing features.


Can this game be played offline?

This game is very heavy and requires a lot of battery and processors. This means that it sucks all the battery of the phone if used constantly. Well, it needs a constant and stable internet connection to work properly, which makes it clear that you can not play it offline.

Is it a good game?

Yes, iron blade is a very good game. It comes with amazingly designed graphics, a storyline, and sound quality. It is a perfect game for action lovers.


No doubt, people love to play action and adventurous games in which they get to discover and explore new things. Iron blade apk 2022 fits properly on this base. This is an action role-playing game in which you battle with evil monsters and opponents and protect your empire from them. Kill them with your mighty sword and be declared the ultimate hero. Download this game and enjoy it with your friends!

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