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The Jarvis artificial intelligence personal assistant pro mod apk enables a person to use his phone even without using his hands or fingers. Using the fantastic Jarvis software lets you easily control your handheld devices and mobile phones with only your voice command. The Jarvis artificial intelligent personal assistant pro apk is one of a person’s best digital assistants and companions. It assists you with incredible features anywhere at any time, whether it is day or night.

About Jarvis Artificial Intelligent Personal Assistant:

The Jarvis voice assistant for android offers a special voice recognition ability and word detection facility, which helps provide an amazing experience when you use it while traveling, indoors, or outdoors. The voice assistant works on the real j.a.r.v.i.s program. you can easily train your assistant by giving commands and receiving responses. The responses you will receive afterward will be in the form of a customized and specialized reply making it a fun activity for you. The online database working behind provides daily updated commands and actions.

App Features:

Here are some of the incredible features of Jarvis artificial intelligent personal assistant apk:

Make Calls

The Jarvis artificial intelligent personal assistant has a fantastic feature of making calls. With the help of this software, by only using your voice command, you can call anywhere anytime without even touching your phone.


Set the alarm

The Jarvis ai assistant also helps the person set the alarm with just voice commanding. This voice command software eases up many things because you do not have to hold your phone all-time in your hand.


Open any app and play music.

Open Apps and play music with the help of this artificial intelligence software; you can open different applications using your voice commands and receive quick responses. On the other hand, you can open the music folder and play the songs you want to listen to. All you have to do is pass your command to the Jarvis ai assistant, and the particular song will be played any second.


Open Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, And Flash Light

At the same time, using your voice command, you can open any feature in your settings. Like you can open the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option and turn them on or off. You can even use the flashlight of your mobile phone and turn it on or off at any time.


Time, Date Battery Level, and Charge Full Alert

The Jarvis artificial intelligent software lets the person know the time, day, or date without touching the mobile phone. You command the personal assistant, which will let you know in nanoseconds. It also has a fantastic feature that it also gives a notification when the phone is ultimately charged, and then you plug out the charger without overcharging the mobile phone.


Read Messages with Hot-Word Detection

The Jarvis personal assistant helps to read out the messages that open the phone. It eases up any situation because you are often not free to open up and read any critical message or mails. The hot word detection proves to be very helpful in this case.

Additional Information:

Best Android Emulators Bluestacks & Nox App Player
App Updated November 14, 2020
APK Version 3.5.1
Category Productivity
Android Version Required for emulator Android
APK File Size 20.1 MB
Developer  Prosen kumar 
Price  Free 
Rated  4.80 stars based on 86 reviews 

How to use Jarvis artificial intelligent personal assistant?

Here are some of the steps you have to know while using this software efficiently and effectively.

  1. Get an Android phone and download the app.
  2. Start the app after properly setting up the technology and operating it.
  3. Say the keyword ‘Listen up JARVIS’ to initiate the Virtual Assistant (Voice). This should bring the personal assistant to life. Make your command loud and clear. A reaction from the assistant is necessary.
  4. Click the augment option to begin the app; a blank screen should pop up. On a different device, open the Jarvis Reality Program (NOTE: The JARVIS android app should be on another phone)

If the app remains frozen at any moment, reboot it. Refresh the app if a notice identical to ‘Can not open Microphone’ comes on the screens. The HC05 Bluetooth Module is recommended.

Additional Features:

Some of the modded features are listed below:

Free of ads:

The modded version of this app is free of unnecessary ads and pop-up notifications. When you use any mobile application or do your work, unnecessary ads are inconvenient and cause much disturbance. The modded version enables you to use this software free of ads and any hindrance.

Floating arc:

You cannot use another app in the background when using an app. But the modded version of Jarvis enables you to open a floating window on the screen, which helps you operate this amazing operating assistant from your home screen or any other app or window.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is Jarvis’s voice assistant?

Jarvis Is A Connected Home Virtual Companion That Goes Beyond Siri and Alexa. Jarvis, Tony Stark’s virtual assistant (who may be a man or an Intelligent computerized system, regardless of how long you have been following the series), is quite well known to Iron Man followers.

How do I get Jarvis on my phone?

Open the Settings, tap on Security, and tap Unknown sources on your Android phone or tablet. If you choose this option, you can download files from websites other than Play store.

The next step is downloading the JARVIS – Artificial Intelligence & Voice Assistant installer file, commonly known as an APK. Open Google Chrome and download the APK file to get started. Then, go to Downloads and see the file that is downloaded. Install by simply opening it.

How to install Jarvis on windows 10?

Go to the BlueStacks website and download it. This file is large, so it will take time. It only takes seconds to open it after the installing. When it launches, you have to sign in with your Google account. Then it will automatically open APK files if you they are not installed.

To install the required application, double tap to open and install. Or you can put the APK file on the BlueStacks screen. That concludes our discussion. You have now installed JARVIS voice assistant on your PC.


Jarvis is the most entertaining android virtual assistant! This AI answers back to you when you ask it a question on a topic you’re interested in. Images, voice search, and visual media are returned to you via apps linked with your assistant. Travel, work, study, or relax with your companion. It will check what you want to know or listen to and assist you in using your mobile.

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