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Purple Because females like the colour purple, Whatsapp was specifically created for them. This purple WhatsApp software has a slew of sophisticated capabilities. You may alter the app’s icon, logo, poster, desktop picture, and background colour by using this programme. Use the button below to get the most recent version of the app.

The Purple WhatsApp is like fouad, Dowhats, and WhatsApp sniffer are among the most popular options.

Features of purple WhatsApp:

Below we’ll go through some of the greatest new features in this version of WhatsApp.

  • Quality

Share your photos and movies with others without sacrificing the quality of your own data. Sharing won’t have an impact on quality. Instantly send and receive messages, images, videos, and documents. As a forward message, there will be no limit to the number of messages that may be shared. You may also choose from a collection of over 30 images and movies. Pictures and videos may be whatever you want them to be.

  • Privacy

Select which contacts see your profile image and hide it from them only if you want your privacy protected rather than preventing those people from seeing your profile photo.

  • Themes

Choose from a wide variety of pre-installed themes or create your own. Instead of browsing the internet and downloading themes from third-party sites, you may use the theme library to install new ones.

  • Messages in the Chat Window

Not only will the chat screen show the name of the material, but it will also show the most recent time it was active. In addition, the person’s bio will appear in the conversations area.

  • Messages on the phone

With the new version, you may send audio messages without having to go through the bother of being in the chat area while recording your voice. Purple WhatsApp Application, on the other hand, allows you to move back and forth between chats and statuses without losing your audio recording.

  • Make a Copy and Paste It

Paste the whole conversation’s content, together with a portion of the text that you’ve selected. You will be in complete control of the text choosing process.

  • Compatibility

This software is available for all Android-based devices, however a system running Android 4.4 or above is required to use it. No high-end gadget will ever be requested for the remainder of this. The only need is a recent version of the Android operating system.

  • Interface

Customize the application’s interface to your liking. Change the text’s background colour, font colour, and font style as you want. You’ll be able to customise the application’s UI to your liking this way. You have complete control over how this instant chat software looks by modifying its design.

  • Appearance of the Fonts

Fonts may be customised in terms of both colour and look. Regular font styles may be changed to bubble fonts, italics, and bolds.

Because just altering the font’s colour isn’t enough; you also need to alter the font’s look.

  • Downloading information is currently available.

From the status section, you may download your friends’ updates and posts. In every state, you will see the download icon. If you click on that button, your download will begin immediately. The downloaded files will be saved straight to the phone’s gallery. You’ll be able to re-share that movie or image from the gallery at a later time.


  • It’s not accessible on the Google Play store, but it should be.

Because this is a latest version, it cannot be accessed on the Google Play Store. However, you may get it on our website.

  • Is Purple WhatsApp a free app?

Yes, you may download and use this programme whenever you want for free.


Modified purple whatsapp that’s up there with the best. Previously limited functions are now available in this version of WhatsApp. With this update, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest features, which have been created by the industry’s top developers. Once you give this app a go, you won’t be disappointed

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