Download True Phone Dialer Contacts Call Recorder v2.0.17 For Android

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Smartphones are becoming more popular, it’s only a matter of time until new apps such as True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder are created to suit customer demands. Managing calls, contacts, and other elements of a phone is a common source of frustration for phone users. This procedure is now more easy than it has ever been thanks to contact information and applications.

Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

To be specific, users may handle calls, contacts, and many other information with a single touch using True Phone dialer. Additional improvements include the ability to detect incoming and outgoing calls, as well as a better user experience.


Better experience while calling

A basic colour user interface makes True Phone dialer stand out from the phone’s built-in contacts app. It gives users the benefits of both art and realism without making them uncomfortable, thanks to an easy-to-use interface that resembles the application’s default contacts.

 True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

The app will have more features than the original contacts each time the user opens the menu list, making it more helpful. True Phone dialer’s interface and functionality must be better than the default ones if it is to take the place of the user’s saved contacts.

Fascinating design of phone screen

Caller ID, Call Recorder, Contact Manager, Favorites, and more will be available to users of the programme. The software offers a variety of tools to assist users manage their contact list efficiently, so that it is simple to find and use.

 True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

In response to each and every incoming phone call, the software looks up the caller’s details and shows their name on the screen. There is no difference whether it’s a known number or an unknown one; the app will show all relevant information no matter what. In the case of unexpected events, the app will automatically record all calls; however, this function may be disabled by the user.

T9 dialer is the finest ever.

If you use your phone often for communication, you must keep your contacts organised. It gives users the option to organise their contacts into various categories or to choose an avatar and ringtone.

True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

Even while the gadget is in quiet mode, users may still make critical phone calls. This software will assist users in managing their calls and contacts, as well as providing them with a number of other useful functions.

Efficiently Managing Contacts

A phone number or a name may be used as a keyword in the app’s Smart Search function so that it can do a search on its own. Phone numbers may be easily found using the search feature, even if they are not organised.

 True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

During a search, a user may set bookmarks and save a list of contacts organised by category. When it comes to contacts applications, “True Phone” is often regarded as the best option because to its excellent organisation, management, and support for contacts.


App Name True Phone Dialer & Contacts
Size 10M
Latest Version 2.0.17
Publisher Hamster Beat
Category Communication
Feature Pro Unlocked
Last Updated Today

Available Choices:

  • Contacts may all be managed in one location.
  • Open up any account and quickly add a new contact to it
  • Use these practical ideas to better manage your contact list.
  • See the desired contact details if you want.
  • Staying in contact is a breeze thanks to social media.
  • With a simple click, create groups of contacts who have common interests.
  • Sharing your contacts is easier when you can import/export your contacts from one place to another in Txt or vCard format.
  • Create and modify groups to better organise your contacts.
  • Make a list of all of your favourite items and compare them.
  • Get immediate access to the tools you need
  • For the first seven days, the premium version of the real phone dialer software is available for free. After that, you may see advertisements. You may either use it for free or pay in-app to remove the advertisements.

Additional Features:

  • You now have access to the premium / professional features.
  • All undesirable permissions, recipients, providers, and services were removed or deactivated.
  • visuals that are zipaligned and optimised for speed
  • The permissions/services/providers for advertising have been deleted from Android.manifest in the manifest.
  • Use techniques that have been invalidated and have had their advertisements deleted.
  • The layouts of the advertisements are not visible.
  • The Google Play Store’s install package checks have been deactivated.
  • gotten rid of the troubleshooting code;
  • Make sure to replace the relevant java files’.source tags with their java names;
  • Removing services such as Analytical, Crashlytical, and Firebase;
  • It has been determined that the Facebook Ads SDK is no longer available.
  • Multilingual in every way possible;
  • armeabi-v7a and x86 are the other two.
  • The most common screen resolutions are as follows: 1280×1024, 1280×1026, 1280×1024, 1280×1024, 1280×1024, 1280×1024, 1280×1024.
  • The signature on the package has altered from the original.

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