Download Weed Firm MOD APK v2.3.7 latest Version [Unlimited Money]

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The Android and iOS game Weed Firm: Replanted is undeniably one of the most controversial and divided games available. However, this game is both interesting and strategic despite the fact that it legalizes marijuana cultivation. You are Mr. Ted when you fertilize, plant, water, and harvest marijuana, cannabis, and hemp using traditional agricultural techniques.

About Weed Firm MOD APK:

A part of customizing your pot shop that consumers will find interesting is to add record players, smoke guns, and other accessories. By rotating records and charging fees, this game enhances the relationship between players and virtual stonemasons. Besides making the store more profitable and secure from crooks and police attack, it also makes the store look better to customers.

App Overview:

App Name Weed Firm APK
Latest Version 2.3.7
Size 45 MB
Developer Koolbros
Compatible Devices Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android
Android Requirement 4.4 and up
Features of the MOD Unlimited resources, Unlocked Everything
Last Updated  A few days ago


With RePlanted, the sequel to Weed Firm: RePlanted, players take on the role of Ted Growing, a botany student who went to work growing weeds to cover his expenses. Using the support of friends and his knowledge of botany, Ted has been able to build a successful marijuana business.

The new gameplay and tales will be completely new now that Ted can return to school. In the end, when you return to the abandoned gym, you find nothing, so you begin to build a hidden farm beneath it and sell your products to a wide range of students.

Make friends within and outside of the school and get involved in a variety of activities. Assert your authority and oppose local gangs. You’ll have a cute girlfriend in no time if you establish relationships with various characters in the game.


Wisely Managing Your Resources:

In Weed Firm’s early stages, there are very few resources available. Everything – pots, water, seeds – needs to be purchased with cash.

The way to make money from weed is to first buy it, then sell it for a profit later. The fact that this cycle appears straightforward doesn’t mean that you should waste any resources early on. Use these tips to prevent resource waste. Making smart deals and utilizing your resources efficiently are key aspects of Weed Firm’s core gameplay loop.

Grow Bush Weed Successfully:

To grow cannabis, you need Bush Cannabis. From $10 worth of seeds, you can grow ten plants. When planted in water, bush weed grows quickly.

Watering a pot completely requires five small bottles. According to the water meter to the left of the pot, the soil will be completely dry by the time the weed grows. If it is grown in a clay pot without fertilizer and without any additional water, bush weed requires approximately 140 percent moisture.

In order to fully grow a bush of marijuana, one needs to buy seven small water bottles and a pack of 50 dollars. One bush costs about 120 dollars. Here are some prices for marijuana based on a ballpark estimate.

Overwatering your marijuana is also a bad idea. A small amount of overwatering does not result in wastewater, but irresponsible watering can generate wastewater. You will always start the next seeds you plant without water after cutting a weed, regardless of how much remaining water you have at the end of the weed’s life cycle.

Avoid using too much water when your marijuana runs out. When a business is in its infancy, slow sales are particularly problematic.

Getting the Most Money from Your Customers:

You need to meet your customers who are knocking. People will approach you from all different sides, including DJs, dancers, nurses, telemarketers, neighbors, and homeless people. You will begin to notice trends if you keep track of them.

You will receive an offer immediately after speaking with the client. Take it up with the client if it sounds appealing. If the first offer doesn’t meet your expectations, you have other options, but they are hazardous!

A single herb can be rolled into a joint. You’ll see the changes in their mood as they become intoxicated – either for the better or worse! They may also relax and hang out with you, which means that you miss out on sales, or they may buy additional weed and pay a great deal of money for it. Do your clients a favor and roll them a joint. Almost always, this will lead to a better deal.

Unlock New Levels:

New features will become available as you gain experience. During early game play and even later in the game, following quests offered on the blackboard is a great way to quickly level up. 

Buying a new pot or saving $1,000 are small steps in the right direction. After you make your way through the game, the challenges become increasingly challenging and time-consuming.

You will have to worry about Jesus and Jamal robbing you and stealing your pot once you reach the second level. If you want them to refrain from doing so, you will have to pay them off. Keep seeds and water on hand in case your possessions are seized, as there will be times when you do not have the funds to do so.

Taking Care of Your Crops:

The more water plants receive, the slower and less healthy they will grow. On the other hand, if you don’t give your plants enough water, they will stop growing. Be sure your plants have enough water before you exit the game. Better pots will prolong the life of your water, allowing you to put the game down and come back later to it.

Complete Tasks:

Your chores are assigned to you on a chalkboard each time you level up. As each assignment provides a substantial amount of experience points, they are critical for quickly advancing. By progressing through levels, new items become available to buy in the shop.

Keep Some Cash:

Be prepared for an emergency by having some cash on hand. Once your firm reaches level 3, gang thugs can appear at any time. There will be a danger symbol on the door so you’ll know to answer it. The knocking will be loud.

If you fail to respond quickly, they’ll force their way in and steal your money and weed! You must pay them a large amount of money to get them to leave. The amount is usually around 900 dollars. This concludes our recommendations for the Weed Firm. Please let us know if you have any more helpful tips or ideas you’d like to share in the comments!

Adding Fertilizer to Your Crops:

Providing your crops with fertilizer will expedite their growth. A lack of crops can be helped by fertilizer. Your profits or quality of harvest won’t increase with it, but it may be helpful. They’ll grow twice as fast because of this. If a customer requests a large amount of product, keeping a large supply on hand is a good idea.

Making Use of Your Record Player:

Having a record player and some records will help you increase your XP. For a record worth your money, you’ll have to advance to a higher level. You can play a record only once, so wait until the right moment comes to play one.

What is the best way to install Weed Firm MOD APK on Android?

Start by deleting any previous versions of the game on your device. Go to Settings, select Security, then click Enable Unknown Sources (in case the installation won’t proceed).

Mod APK files can be easily installed for this app. Here are the steps.

  1. By clicking the download button below, you can download the file.
  2. Upon completion of the download, open the file
  3. The app must be installed on your Android device.
  4. The package contains detailed instructions. Follow them carefully.
  5. Once the app has been properly installed, launch it and enjoy its features.

What are the steps for installing Weed Firm MOD APK on PC?

The APK for Weed Firm MOD can easily be installed on a PC. Bluestacks or NOX player are both appropriate app players for this. Follow these steps.

  1. The first step. An android emulator, Bluestacks player, is required to run an Android app on your PC.
  2. The second one. Downloading the mod APK will need to be done after installing the emulator.
  3. The third. The file needs to be executed upon downloading or imported by clicking on “Import From Windows”.
  4. Four. Once you have installed the program, click the launch button.


1. The firm that makes weed was made by whom?

Koolbros’ iPhone and Android app for the game Weed Firm: RePlanted. In the past few days, Koolbros, the developers of this app, have created a new version of the app.


The article about this game aims to give you as much information as possible about the game and also to inspire you to play it through our website. If you have any questions, please comment.

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