Download WhatsApp Gold Apk v10.05( 1 Click Download) New Version

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It is the most advanced version of WhatsApp, which is a modified version of the standard version. Due to its default gold color, it is also called the gold version. You can also try the Golden Whatsapp version. Nairton Silva developed the gold version of WhatsApp, which is the best version of normal WhatsApp. Abo Arab is another name for this version of WhatsApp. You won’t find this app’s features in any other version. Version 8.12.0 of the app is the most recent. In addition to the official WhatsApp, there are many other versions like FMWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, GB Whatsapp, and WhatsApp plus that you can use for advanced features. Those of you who have used the app know how important it is. The app does not have an official website.


  • This app shows no annoying ads compared to other apps
  • Even if someone deletes their messages after sending them, you can still read them
  • Alternatively, you can hide the message-typing area if you don’t want it to be visible
  • There is no charge for the app and you can download it for free on different websites
  • The app has an integrated search icon that allows you to easily locate contacts and chats
  • Adding as many people to one group as you like is possible with this app
  • The status bar’s background color can be changed
  • Colors can be changed by the users
  • Up to five minutes can be spent uploading the status
  • Using this app will not result in a ban
  • WhatsApp allows you to send larger files than normal
  • WhatsApp Gold has the best UI and everyone can customize it to fit their needs
  • There is no third-party app you can use to save the status in WhatsApp’s default status saver. All statuses can be saved with one click.
  • The other best option is to switch to dark mode with one click if you don’t feel comfortable. 
  • Apps and chats can be locked and secured in a variety of ways
  • By default, only WhatsApp gold can be disconnected from the internet
  • Group calls are available on ZEWhatsapp, but not on ZEWhatsapp

What’s New ?

  1. Messages can be sent to all groups with just one click
  2. App home screen includes navigation effects
  3. Notifications now have a different color
  4. The app has been updated to fix some existing errors

How to update?

We mentioned above that you cannot find this app on the Play Store, so whenever the app is updated, you will have to uninstall the old version and then download the latest version from any website. You can only update WhatsApp gold by doing this.


  1. Is it possible to use WhatsApp Gold and official WhatsApp on the same device?

Two different apps cannot be used on the same device. Normal WhatsApp must be uninstalled before installing WhatsApp Gold.

2. When the new update is released, will I be notified?

The newest version must be downloaded and uninstalled again.


Here are all the resources I have collected about WhatsApp Gold Apk. Check out the app’s reviews if you’d like to dig deeper. Overall, it is the best app that provides users with extra functionalities not available in other versions.

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