Download YoWhatsapp for iOS (iPhone) Latest version

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This article is for those of you with an iPhone who want to install YoWhatsapp on their device. Follow the instructions we have given in the post and stay connected with us.

About Yo Whatsapp For iOS:

Since YoWhatsapp isn’t available on the ios app store, we will also discuss how to install it on ios and iPhones. The question that naturally arises in our minds is “Is YoWhatsApp secure on iPhone? Let me explain that although there are some small errors, we have not seen any virus or major security issue with YoWhatsapp for iOS.

Additional Information :

App Name YoWhatsapp
Operating system ios / iPhone
Last updated Yesterday
File size 46 MB
License Price Free
Root Required No
Price Free

Features of YoWhatsapp for iOS:

  • Messages can be automatically replied to.
  • Send messages at a specific time by setting a message scheduler.
  • View status, hide recent, and hide unseen.
  • The settings have been modified.
  • Interface colors can be changed. The app allows previewing of color changes.
  • This app allows you to create GIF categories.
  • Chat UI can be archived for later use.
  • Images can be zoomed and edited before being sent or uploaded to a status or a conversation.
  • Airplane mode is available in the app. No other WhatsApp version offers it.
  • Chats can be hidden and the “Forward to” button can be disabled.
  • The WhatsApp backup database can be cleaned.
  • Codes are reorganized for faster performance.
  • There is no way to ban this app.
  • During conversations, you can switch emojis.
  • Zooming is possible for profile footage.
  • It is possible to hide the last seen status.
  • The theme server offers modified themes.
  • Bubbles and ticks can be hidden.
  • Statistics are kept in groups by a counter. By doing so, you can see a summary of group chats.
  • It is possible to preview media without loading it.
  • The maximum size of a video is 30 MB.
  • The maximum number of pictures you can send in one message is 90.
  • Status words are now 250 characters long instead of 139.
  • While copying a message, you can hide the date and number.
  • Status can be copied and pasted.
  • There are now more formats of document files supported.

How to Download YoWhatsapp for iOS?

Below I explain two methods for downloading and installing YoWhatsapp on iPhone.

  • Using iTunes
  • Using Tweakbox

No. 1 method:

  • Go to iTunes and open your iPhone
  • (If YoWhatsapp cannot be found, try Whatsapp plus)
  • The app can be downloaded and installed
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & device management on your iPhone
  • Trust the app after finding its profile
  • It is now possible to use the app

2nd Method:

  • Safari browser for Tweakbox
  • Click the install button to install the software
  • Click on Settings -> General -> Profiles
  • Click on the install button in the Tweakbox app
  • Tweaked Apps can be found by clicking on apps
  • Using WhatsApp++ (also known as YOWhatsApp)
  • You will now be prompted to install 
  • Go to the home screen to open the app 
  • Verify your mobile number by entering your mobile number



How safe is YoWhatsApp?

Your mobile devices are totally safe with YOWhatsApp. YOWhatsApp 2021 is completely secure, and there is no risk to your data. The old versions of WhatsApp were boring and full of bugs and viruses, and it was running slowly and crashing many people’s forms, but after the update, it is totally safe to use.

What is the best way to update my YoWhatsApp?

Our site provides you with WhatsApp links that are always up-to-date, so you can install those links on your mobile devices, and you will not need to scroll the internet to get the latest version. When the Google Play Store is updated, YOWhatsApp gets updated as well.


By analyzing all the options, I have provided you with a detailed description of how to download YoWhatsapp on iOS devices. Even so, if you find any issues while downloading or installing this for iOS, maybe there’s a problem with your iOS device because of its high security. In this case, we recommend whatsapp plus as an alternative to Whatsapp

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