Download Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK v1.2.5 (Unlimited Money/Coins/Gems)

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You feel like humanity’s last hope in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution (MOD, Unlimited Money). Change the course of the war by defeating the cunning and deadly zombies. To aid you in your fight, you will have at your disposal an assortment of post apocalyptic weapons. Design new weapons with the sketches, and stay away from enemies and wet areas! Improve your character’s abilities, create new weapons, and keep away from enemies! Stop the assault by being a hero!

About Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK:

Zombies and humans are still engaged in a battle. You are one of the few heroes to stay alive after many have died. It’s not yet time to celebrate because danger lurks around every bend. As many people as possible must be saved from the zombies by doing everything you can. There’s a whole new gaming experience you’ve never had before!

App Overview:

App Name Zombie Diary 2 APK
Latest Version 1.2.5
Size 22 MB
Developer  Mountain Lion
Compatible devices Android
Need 4.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited money, Gems and Coins
Last Updated A few days ago


It takes place in a dystopian world where humans are under siege from zombie hordes which have the power to destroy civilization. In spite of the cunning and vicious zombies, there are heroes who face them.

Because of their fighting skills and fire abilities, they have become a strong defense for humanity. Conversely, there is no slowdown in the zombie threat, and many heroes have lost their lives in wars.

Consequently, many new hires will be needed. This puts you in charge of the situation. Zombie attacks will be faced by players as a newbie zombie fighter. Be the next hope for humanity by beating them. This game might initially seem like a successor to a popular smartphone game called Zombie Diary. This game lends itself well to those looking for a game to pass the time because it is fairly easy to play and does not require a lot of expertise. Use the horizontal screen’s direction to move the player, and shoot or use talents as necessary to eliminate zombies on the way.


Customization Options:

Your hero has access to upgrade pathways and customization options. Zombie Diary 2 allows players to choose their own path for development. While you are progressing through your adventures, you can learn dozens of new skills and develop your character. Get started enjoying the game the way you want to by choosing the ideal option for you.

Assemble a Collection:

You can assist yourself by collecting the best mechas. This game’s great mecha equipment will be just as useful as the game’s awesome weapons. Thus, you can have a drone hovering above you shooting bullets, you can wear a massive mech suit for fending off enemy attacks, etc. Your choice. Weapons are no different: you have to know what you want, then choose one that is right for your plans.

Killing Zombies:

Killing zombies will save the world. To kill as many zombies as possible is your main objective in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. In this game, zombies not only attack you from the front; they also attack you from both sides. Changing your character to both sides will allow you to defeat them all. Playing continuous battles all day long won’t tire you out since they are fast-paced and intense.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is more than just killing zombies like its predecessor; the game includes various chores that keep it from getting boring. For example, you can rescue hostages and defend yourself from attacking zombies. The more you play, the more money and experience you will gain. Eleven strange maps present you with many surprises and challenges in this game.

Defeat the Zombies:

A variety of locations can be used to defeat zombies. In Zombie Diary 2, you will have the chance to explore a large number of new locations throughout the world. In one of the 11 mystery maps, you’ll face a new challenge every day. You’ll face a challenge with each assignment, so be prepared for every one. If you can, stay alive.

Defend Yourself:

The undead are all over the place. You will have to deal with multiple zombies, each stronger than the last. Additionally, each zombie has its own special abilities and characteristics.

So, when you encounter this vicious undead, make sure you are prepared with your weapons. To defeat the zombies, you should select the most effective weaponry and mecha.

System of characters:

The funds can also be used to buy other characters. There are different styles and shapes of each character, as well as a variety of indicators, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The use of medicine can boost your character’s stats, just like the use of weapons.

 The effort to flee is prioritized for characters who have more speed, for example. Characters with heavy armor and high HP are prioritized in the hostage rescue.

Play with your pals:

The game is fun to play with friends. You can also play the online gaming component of Zombie Diary 2 at any time if you want to put your abilities to the ultimate test. As you and your friends battle the nefarious zombies, you can link your social media accounts so that you and your friends can play together.

A lot Of Achievements:

The list of accomplishments is long. Additionally, you can earn awesome rewards by working on a number of milestones in the game. Take advantage of all these fantastic opportunities to win!

Free To Play:

There is no cost to play. The game is available for downloading for free and playing on Android devices. The Google Play Store offers a free, easy to download version. Although some in-app purchases and advertisements may be irritating, others will not.

Weapons and other gear:

Mechaguns, handguns, rifles, snipers, and even a sniper rifle are available in the shop. Upon starting the game, you have the option to buy it from the store or to pick it up on the battlefield. It is possible for each gun to hold varying amounts of ammunition and to deal different amounts of damage. Increasing the strength of the character and the power of the gun can be done by upgrading the weapon.

Stunning Graphics:

The graphics and scenes in the game are stunning. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution features stunning 3D graphics, with numerous enhancements and improvements over its predecessor. The game includes a large number of levels because players will face a variety of bosses in different settings. Players can unlock new characters and abilities if they complete the quest. In the game, players will encounter a variety of zombies, and will choose and upgrade weapons to improve their skills. Zombie characters that look like scientists, physicians, athletes, plumbers, and others.

The game is also praised for its graphic design, which includes various interesting images that differ from those from previous horror games. Though there is a zombie battle, the film is not filled with horror sequences. It is filled with a variety of zombies, but they all have distinctive and amusing expressions, making it a more captivating and unique experience for gamers. Each of the distinct gaming screens features a distinct set of sounds, including gunshots, animal growls, footsteps of a character, etc.

MOD Features:

  • Over 30 weapons are available.
  • Unique system for upgrading weapons
  • A new approach to developing character and talent
  • You will need mecha devices and super equipment to fight the living dead.
  • Eleven mystery maps contain thrilling missions.
  • Beautiful graphics, animations, and sound effects!
  • Zombie enemies include formidable bosses and many different types. There are a variety of zombie types.
  • Your Facebook friends! Take them on!

How to play?

  • Taking up your weapons will prepare you for the fight of your life. Gold coins and gems can be earned by killing zombies and completing quests.
  • Weapons can be upgraded and purchased. Guests can also purchase mecha gadgets, power-ups, and special products.
  • Training your hero will earn you gold coins. You can access the training function at the end of the first five days of Zombie Diary 2.
  • Depending on your health, you’ll receive a bonus after each assignment.
  • Achievements can be earned throughout the game. After completing an achievement, you will receive an award!

Where can I download and install Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK for Android?

The game must be removed from your device if you have played any previous versions. To enable the Unknown Sources, click on Settings, and then Security, and then click Enable The Unknown Sources (in case the installation fails to start).

Mod APK files are easy to install for this app. Follow the steps below.

  1. Download the file below by clicking the download button.
  2. Once the download has completed, open it
  3. Your Android device needs to be installed with the app.
  4. The instructions inside are to be followed.
  5. Upon properly installing, start the app and take advantage of its amazing features.

What is the Procedure for Installing Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK on PC?

Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK can be installed on a PC in a few moments. Alternatively, you can install NOX player or BlueStacks to do this. The method is as follows.

  1. This is one. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC to begin. Bluestacks is a portable android emulator you can use to run mobile applications on your PC.
  2. The second. Once the emulator has been installed, you will need to download the mod APK from our site.
  3. The third. The file needs to be executed upon downloading or imported by clicking on “Import From Windows”.
  4. Four. Once you have installed the program, click the launch button.


in Sum, the war between the human and zombie continues. You play as a member of a resistance unit tasked with finding the vaccine against mutations – the last hope for humanity. You’ll need to acquire the strongest weapon available and destroy mutant packs.

The article about this game aims to give you as much information as possible about the game and also to inspire you to play it through our website. If you have any questions, please comment.

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