Elvenar Mod APK v1.156.1 (Unlimited Diamonds/Money) Download

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Elvenar is a free to download strategy game that has received over a million downloads on Google Play Store and App Store. City building games don’t get enough credit. Many famous strategy and city-building games are available, such as Clash of Clans APK and Rise of Kingdoms APK, but they lack realistic graphics like Elvenar.

About Elvenar Mod APK:

With Android, gamers have the opportunity to build their own fantasy kingdom that has never been seen before. In the beginning, players are asked if they want to begin with humans, elves, orcs, or dwarves. Whatever you choose, the buildings and people in the game will be based on that selection. Humans are the best choice if you want to understand the reality fully. The game allows players to discover a lot of things as they build and expand their kingdom. Players are greeted by the people of Elvenar. See how they grow.

Story of Elvenar

There are many tasks to accomplish in the game, including unlocking new cultures and proving one’s trading skills. There are no limitations in Elvenar. It is possible for them to build whatever they want, including the colossal monuments, but they will need money to do so. In Elvenar there are two main currencies. Players usually take gold coins as money because they can buy a lot with them. Gems are also an option. In Elvenar, gems are the only currency that can be used to accomplish most of the tedious tasks, and premium buildings can only be purchased with gems.

Become a kingdom builder

It is not necessary to complete side missions before you can start building your own kingdom. You begin the game by building your kingdom and learning the game through the tips. Initially, players choose a race. With the ability to explore new lands, players can expand their city to the limit. By spending money on these new lands, players can expand their city to the limit. However, money is limited at the beginning. In Elvenar, players can earn money by producing and selling different resources. A second interesting feature of this game is trading, where players can set their price to sell a specific item. It is not only possible to trade with the merchants, but the resources or goods may also be sold to friends. In addition to your business, you must take care of your people in the city.

Download Elvenar Mod APK

Despite being a free game, Elvenar has in-app purchases. As a result, we have created a modded version of Elvenar Android game, which disables all in-app purchases, and allows players to purchase unlimited gems and money.In the future, players will be able to build and expand their city at their leisure without worrying about money. The in-app purchases you can make through them are already available. Aside from that, players can also get free Elvenar diamonds from this mod apk file.


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