Fashion Empire MOD APK V2.96.2 (Unlimited Money/Coins/Keys)

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The App Fashion Empire MOD APK by Frenzoo is a simulation game about fashion. The Fashion Empire Club is for those who are passionate about fashion, who have a fascination for unusual trends, and who want to build their own powerful fashion empire. It stands out from other fashion games due to its emphasis on aesthetics, especially a series of trendy costumes that are updated frequently.

About Fashion Empire MOD APK

The main objective of Fashion Empire is to manage a fashion store and grow it to become well-known. The clothes you sell in your shop will be determined by your choice of interior features. As well, it takes time to unlock new items in your shop with each item you add. Playing this game will be a blast.

Additional Information

App Name Fashion Empire MOD APK
version 2.96.2
Size 154 MB
Developer Frenzoo
Mod Features All resources and money are unlocked as well as unlimited shopping

Game Overview

Become the best style master in the world by opening your own boutique with the coolest stuff! Invest in new products, carefully select clothing, and only meet consumers with interesting offers. As Eva’s student, you will launch your own fashion line in San Francisco with the help of an investor. Serve consumers, provide them with the latest fashions, and expand your clothing selection. Build your brand by upgrading your store, introducing new merchandise, and selecting trendy looks for your customers! Express yourself in this 3D boutique simulation and become a style maven!

This is a free game with in-app purchases for premium content and cash, and it can be played both offline and online. New content and features are added regularly.

Fashion Empire MOD APK Features

Entertaining Story About Programs

The game involves you taking on the role of an aspiring fashion designer eager to become wealthy. San Francisco is the first place you will open your store. You loved to design and sew doll clothes as a child. As a fashion designer, it was your dream to learn how to sketch and generate outfit concepts. In the end, together with your fashion mentor Eva, you designed a product that was incredibly beautiful and received a lot of attention.

Store’s Opening and Decoration

Open your own business and create a lot of products in large quantities to sell. Make your store appealing to customers by decorating and arranging it so that it is clean and well-organized. Adding majestic products to the store will increase its elegance and civility. Your store and its products will thus seem more appealing to clients as a result. It is important to buy more suitable furniture and place it in an easily visible place when decorating and organizing your furniture. This will make your store more appealing and professional.

Multiple Outstanding Designs

Your business must create unique products in shape and quality to meet the needs of each customer and to make them pleased to buy clothes from you.

 Invent and design evening gowns that will appeal to both men and women. We have casual dresses and clothing for a wide range of ages, ranging from classy to modern. Also, ensure that you and your staff take care of themselves. In addition to offering customers uniform outfits that are opulent and flattering, you designed them for your employees.

Plot mode with substance

Play the role of a young fashion designer who dreams of becoming the best. You’ll need both a lot of gray matter and a lot of talent to accomplish this. Early on, you will have to manage those items yourself since they are limited. Famed designers will start training you once they see your efforts. Throughout the novel, each skill will be detailed. It will also discuss any psychological obstacles you might face. Finally, be sure to add a spirit to the character. I’ve recently taken my first steps into the professional world of fashion.

Learn Different Styles

It is important to learn different styles. There are various fashion styles associated with different time periods and trends. Designers need to stay on top of trends at all times. The past’s uniqueness must not be lost in the process. Trying to understand genres of various kinds of literature will be arduous, if not impossible. Modifying the style can be effective. This should be explained by your designer. They will explain the foundation of each style. Here are the steps to building your own.

Competition for fashion designers

It’s not easy to get a job as a designer. Their individual styles and amazing creations will be different to each other. You won’t last long if you are one of those unskilled people. The competitions will be judged based on color combinations and styles. The results will be determined by the judge. A lot of real-world competitions are very similar to the tournament, which is extremely specialized. Prepare yourself mentally for the slew of dangerous enemies that await you.

Key Features

  • Selling chic fashions, mixing and matching, and growing your fortune
  • Thousands of beautiful decorations are available for you to decorate your boutiques with
  • You and your trendy staff may dress however you like
  • A makeup and cosmetics makeover with all the latest looks
  • Collect special designer items, elite products, and signature products
  • Get to the top with hundreds of tasks across multiple cities with Store Furniture such as Racks, Tables, Registers, Displays, and more
  • Take part in online challenges and win big
  • Fashion week happens every day.
  • Become a part of a thriving fashion community
  • Choose from thousands of unique products ranging from elegant to edgy

Getting Started With Fashion Empire

Following these instructions will allow you to play:

1/ You open your first store in San Francisco, where you are a young designer aspiring to become a fashion designer. As a child, you dressed up dolls, played fashion games, and learned to sketch. For a top design school, your portfolio speaks for itself. With the help of your mentor Eva, you will design your first item, a beautiful pink dress that will definitely catch customers’ attention.

As soon as you make your first sale, you’ll need to expand your capacity in addition to racks, registers, dressing rooms, and decorations.

Additionally, there is a large variety of bags, purses, rompers, jumpsuits, makeup, cosmetics, and accessories. As your store expands, you will have access to more outfit categories.

The time will come when you will be working at your boutique as the only employee, and you will need someone to accompany you. Initially, you will have to convince them to come and each has their own story to share, as well as their own personality.

As you travel through San Francisco, you will soon be in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and perhaps even New York. In addition to meeting celebrities, you’ll also become enamored with your collection over time. Perhaps you’ll plan an extravagant event…

It is now your turn to showcase yourself on a global platform among a diverse group of players, and your reputation is beginning to build. Create and upload your own interior design and clothing, from the red carpet to the haute couture runway, from celebrity style to coffee casual…

In the next online dress-up game, it’s time for you to tell YOUR gorgeous story.

What are the steps to install Fashion Empire MOD APK on Android?

The previous versions of this game are highly recommended to be deleted before playing. Make sure that Unknown Sources is enabled (just in case the installation fails).

Installing this mod APK file is very simple. Below are some instructions.

  1. Here is a button to download the file.
  2. Once it has been downloaded, open it
  3. Install the Android app.
  4. The instructions inside must be followed.
  5. Upon installing the app, enjoy its amazing features as soon as you launch it.


How to Install Fashion Empire MOD APK on PC?

Fashion Empire MOD APK can be easily installed on a PC. The NOX player or Bluestacks software can be used instead. 

1.Bluestacks player is an android emulator that lets you use mobile apps on your computer. You must first download and install it on your computer.

The second is. First, you need to install the emulator to install the mod APK.

The third. The file must be executed or imported through Windows after downloading.

  1. Launch the application after installation.


Do fashion empires have free will?

Playing the game is free, but you can purchase premium content and cash through in-app purchases. If you want to attract style-conscious customers, expand your racks, registers, dressing rooms, and decorations.

Is covet fashion safe for kids?

Users aged 12 and up can download the Covet Fashion app. You do not have to pay a penny to download the app. Advertisements can be seen in this app, as well as in-app purchases. This may be a good app for teens.


This article about this game is comprehensive, and we hope that you will enjoy playing the game on our site. Let us know what you think.

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