Fxguru Mod Apk: Download All Trading Tools For Free in 2022

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FXGuru is the most popular Forex trading app in the world because of its simplicity, ease of use, and high profitability. It has been downloaded by over 7 million traders from around the globe and has an average 4.5-star rating on Google Play.

The FXGuru Trading App is available for free download in two versions: the standard version or Premium Version. The Premium Version includes all features of the standard version and also comes with a number of extra features that include:

About the FXGuru!

If you are a Forex trader and want to get currency trading tips then you can certainly use Fxguru Mod Apk. This tool gives you the opportunity to Buy and Sell currencies within seconds. The app also allows you to get real-time updates on your mobile with the latest news, analysis, and much more.

The best part about this app is that it doesn’t take much time to load. The user interface is also very easy to understand. You can create your own trading strategies according to your needs and requirements.

What makes fxguru special?

The fxguru is a unique site for the Forex market. We have a lot of information about the Forex market, but we also have a lot of articles about things that aren’t directly related to the Forex market. They are all connected by the same goal – to make you better at trading.

Fxguru’s Unique Features:

The FXGuru website has a number of features that set us apart from other sites, including:

  • The ability to see each currency pair’s most recent rate, regardless of the time the order was placed.
  • The ability to use our “Order History” page for consolidated viewing of all open orders across multiple accounts.
  • An email notification system that notifies users about new orders, account balance changes, and more.
  • This app is totally free and can be used without any problems.
  • This app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.
  • You can also easily customize the colors of this app according to your own choice.
  • This app also has an option to change the background color of the widget.

How to get started with fxguru?

There are many ways to get started with fxguru. You can either download the latest version from our website or use the binary files that we provide. We also have a full-fledged installer for Windows users, which will install all the necessary dependencies for you.


  1. Is the Fxguru app free?

Yes, the Fxguru app is free to download and use.

2. How do I install the Fxguru app?

The Fxguru app is available for both iOS and Android devices. To install the app, simply visit the app store on your device and search for “Fxguru”. Once you have installed the app, you can access it by tapping on the icon that appears on your home screen.

3. What is this FxGuru?

FXGuru is an online portal that helps traders, investors, and curious individuals learn about various financial products and the markets they operate in. It is a knowledge portal where you can find articles, videos, and live streams that cover every aspect of the financial world.

The site has been operational for several years now and has helped more than 1 million people learn about forex trading. The site has also released more than 300 videos and 100+ articles on trading and investment.

To wrap things up:

In brief, the Fxguru Mod Apk also comes with a new HUD, as well as some added effects to the guns. The app also has a bunch of other minor tweaks and improvements that make it worth trying out. The new update is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download it by clicking here.

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