How To Block Scores From Your Twitter Feed: A Guide For Newbies.

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Using Twitter to promote your brand can be a great way to get your brand out there, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’re just starting out, Twitter’s functionality can seem a little complex. You may have trouble with keeping your Twitter feed organized, knowing who to follow, and unfollowing accounts that are less useful to you.

About Twitter Feed:

It is important to have a large following on Twitter if you are trying to build a strong presence. A popular game that has recently swept social media is Daily Secret Word. With its little square emojis in green, yellow, and grey colors, the game has gone viral on social media. In some ways, Wordle is similar to crosswords and sudoku puzzles, created by Brooklyn software engineer Josh Wardle. Any changes you make to Tweets will not appear on your notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, or email notifications.

What you need to do to mute Wordle posts on Twitter (desktop)

  1. Select More from your Twitter profile’s side navigation menu.
  2. Choose the Privacy and Safety option.
  3. Activate mute and block.
  4. You can muffle words by selecting them. Simply click on the ‘+’ icon and type in the words or hashtags that you want to be muted (you can use hashtags related to Wordle, Wordle Score, etc).
  5. Save the selected duration by clicking the Save button at the bottom.

The following steps will show you how to use the Twitter app:

  1. By opening the Twitter app and tapping on the profile icon, you can view your profile
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. For your privacy and safety, make the right choice.
  4. Turn off Mute and Block.
  5. If you click on the link, you will see muted words. Click the Add button and type each word separately.
  6. At the top right, click the Save button when you are finished.

Wordle score posts will no longer appear on the Home timeline and notifications. Mute duration options include forever, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Any tweet that contains muted words or phrases will be prevented from being read.

  • What is the best way to filter my Twitter feed videos?

Tap Top, Latest, People, Photos, Videos, News, or Broadcasts at the top of your search results to filter your results. If you want to refine your results, tap the filter icon in the search bar. You can select All people or People you follow, and Everywhere or Near you.

  • Why does Twitter’s search fail so miserably?

The Twitter search does not show all content. Why is that? Twitter filters search results based on quality Tweets and accounts in order to keep them relevant for you. The Twitter search engine may automatically remove material that negatively affects search quality or creates a poor search experience for other people.

  • How does the Twitter algorithm work?

Using an algorithm, Twitter recommends Topics based on what it thinks someone will like. You will see Tweets, events, and ads related to a Topic in your timeline if you follow it. Any Topic you follow is public.


In sum, You can use this guide to remove unwanted Wordle tweets to some extent if you are tired of seeing them. If you remove the Wordle posts from your Twitter feed, it will look cleaner and more customized. Likewise, you can muffle certain hashtags or words.

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