How to Block Unknown Numbers on Android Phones for Today’s Modern Smartphones

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To save battery life and avoid becoming a victim of  deceivers, Android users should protect themselves from unknown number calls. There are many approaches to blocking unknown numbers, which makes the task difficult. The best thing is to use the right one.

A recent trend in the smartphone industry is to limit unknown numbers. This is because of the possibility of a stolen SIM card.

Sim cards are used when you purchase a mobile phone. They are usually bought from stores and you must activate them before using it on your phone. The way you activate them differs from one country to another – for example, in India, you need to do this with a paper document that needs to be scanned and approved by the company’s customer service team or with an online activation service where you have to provide your mobile number and then type in your password. In China, however, all these steps need not be done again after buying a new SIM card – as soon as you turn on your phone, it will automatically identify which international network it is currently connected to and instructs its

Blocking Unknown Numbers on Android Phones 

In the last few years, a lot of new features have been added to Android system. Some of these are not available on other mobile operating systems like iPhone or Windows Phone. Also, With the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduced a new feature called “Do Not Disturb”. We use the internet more often because of smartphones, which have changed how we communicate. As a result, we now live in an era where everybody is connected to one another by smartphones. This can be seen in the fact that many people are using their phones for work purposes too, instead of just surfing around on Facebook and browsing through search results.

We also need our smartphones to do more tasks such as taking photos, recording videos and uploading them to microblogging sites like YouTube or Instagram as well as sending emails when we need to communicate with others. It is therefore unsurprising that there are so many applications available for smart phones today that can help us make better use of our smartphone by writing content or generating content ideas. Today’s modern smart phones have the power to do some pretty amazing

How to Block Unblock Number with Rooted or Superuser Device?

The following tutorial will show you how to block Unblock Number on Android Phones with Rooted or Superuser Device or Phone! You can use it on any Android phone that has a rooted or superuser phone.

Unblocker is an application that allows you to unblock numbers blocked by the majority of phone operators. Android and iOS devices as well as Windows phones and tablets are supported by the developers. You can freely download the application and install it on your device.


  1. How to Block Unblock Number on Android Phones with Rooted or Superuser Device or Phone!

The Unblock Number app is a cool application that can be used to remove the unwanted numbers from your smartphone that you don’t want on your phone.

But consider that the app is a rooted application and it has some additional features.

2. How do you unblock number without rooting your device?

If you want to unblock a blocked number, the first thing you need to do is to get your SIM Unblocker app. This app is the easiest way to unblock any blocked number. It works in a very simple way: just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.

3. How do I block unrecognized numbers on my Android?

Android phones can be blocked by either giving an unblock code or by adding a permission called “Block calls” to the list of permissions.

 4. Do phones block unknown numbers?

Recently, the news spread that some new phones are blocking calls from unknown numbers. Can this be used as a good idea and how can it be prevented?

5. How do I block unknown numbers automatically?

This article explains how you can manually block unknown numbers in your phone.

No one is sure how many numbers are in their cell phone, but the number of unknown numbers is a real problem.

6. How do I block unknown numbers on my Samsung?

Samsung smartphone users are in a constant fight between two things: they want to keep their privacy and they want to know the contact numbers on their smartphones. We have used the Simple Phones Blocker plugin and modified it so that it will block numbers of unknown origin when you call or text them.


It is a common problem that Android users are facing. There are different ways to block the unblock number on your android phone or tablet but most of them require root access or superuser privileges. Every one of them has its own advantages, but each one has its own disadvantages as well. It is a common headache for mobile phone users to receive blocked number text message. The best way to block the call is to turn off the phone before the caller if you are using Android devices. However, there are some other ways available which may help you out with your problem.

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