How To Hide Blue Tick, Double Tick, & Last Seen On Gbwhatsapp?

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Have you ever heard about GBWhatsapp? Surely you would have heard about this app. Why GBwhatsapp is unique in comparing actual WhatsApp gets mentioned in this article.

What is GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is the unique and demanding mod Android version of WhatsApp. It’s the same app like WhatsApp, but the significant difference which makes GBwhatsapp more valuable is its incredible feature to hide blue ticks, last seen and double ticks, and people have liked it. Also, you can keep Gbwhatsapp and actual WhatsApp on your device simultaneously. It means that you don’t have to delete WhatsApp to keep GBWhatsapp on your device.

People concerns about privacy:

Nowadays, people are highly concerned about their privacy, and they don’t want everyone to see their activities on WhatsApp. Almost everyone wants to know that How To Hide Blue Tick, Double Tick, And Last Seen On Gbwhatsapp? That’s why this mod version gets unique designing for the privacy concerns of people who don’t like to show everything to everyone.

What are double tick and blue ticks on WhatsApp?

When someone sends us any message on WhatsApp, and we receive that message, it shows them a double tick on the message they sent. When you open WhatsApp and read that message, it turns the double ticks in blue color that shows that you’ve seen the news.

Off double ticks and blue ticks:

People out there don’t want anyone to know that they have received their message or seen it. So for that purpose, they use GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp allows everyone to of the double ticks and blue ticks, so the person who sent you a message will never know that you have been received it or seen it.

Sometimes it causes you a problem to show people that they see their messages, so GBWhatsapp is a better option to hide your activities on WhatsApp.

Hide blue ticks on group messages:

GBWhatsapp is an excellent app that allows users to hide blue ticks on group messages. No other app is providing this magical service. If you off blue ticks still on groups in the basic version, people will see that I have seen messages. GBWhatsapp is quite different as once you off blue ticks from settings, and even group members can’t see that you’ve seen group messages.

Hide blue microphone on voice notes:

Some people use to send voice messages on WhatsApp, and not everyone wants them to show that we are hearing your voice notes because it makes you answer them. GBWhatsapp is good at off blue ticks for voice notes too. You can off these blue microphones in GBWhatsapp that shows that the receiver has heard it. GBWhatsapp provides this blue service for not only text messages but also for voice notes.

Last seen on WhatsApp:

When you open WhatsApp, it shows your status online to others, and when you exit WhatsApp, it shows your last seen means when you leave the app. So people can watch when last time you were online. Fortunately, GBWhatsapp offers users to hide their WhatsApp last seen so no one can manage their last seen on WhatsApp.

Lots of people want every little thing private they don’t want people interrupted, and some don’t want their family or friends to watch their last seen, double ticks or blue ticks, so for those people, GBWhatsapp is precisely what they ever wished for. They can keep all their activities private through GBWhatsapp. So now, after reading this article, you would know that How To Hide Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, And Last Seen On Gb Whatsapp?

Procedure to off blue ticks and double ticks:

  1. There will be there prominent dots exactly right on the corner.
  2. When you select the privacy option, you will see the option of blue ticks and double ticks.
  3. Now it will ask you to choose the contacts you want to hide your blue ticks and double ticks.
  4. Also, one can select all the connections or choose any of those you don’t want to show blue ticks or double ticks.
  5. One can off blue ticks and double ticks for all the groups you are in. You can select specific groups too.
  6. That’s how you can hide your blue ticks and double ticks from everyone you want.

That’s precisely how you can off your online status through settings. Also, you can select all the contacts or any specific contacts to hide your online position on GBWhatsapp.


We live in this era where people’s priority is to keep everything private. Especially when it comes to social media, people prefer to hide their online status, blue ticks, and double ticks. Due to GBWhatsapp, you know How To Hide Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, And Last Seen On Gbwhatsapp. Now you can secure your WhatsApp privacy if you prefer to use GBWhatsapp instead of other apps.

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