iHeartRadio Unlimited Skips mod apk v10.17.0 Latest Version

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Are you fond of music or love listening to podcasts? iHeartRadio is the one app which will satisfy your music taste and provides you with the best podcasts. It is a mobile application which falls under the category of music and audio. This music app has over fifty million downloads and is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. If you have already installed it on your phone but tired of limited skips, then you can download iHeartRadio Unlimited Skips APK and enjoy unlimited skips!

Radio, Music & Podcasts

This is an app where you will not just find music but also podcasts and radio categorized according to your taste. The company claims that it has over one thousand radio stations which are running 24/7, so you will never get bored listening to the same music again and again. iHeartRadio also recommends the radio stations in respect to what you have listened to before. If you have a hobby of listening to the news, then this app is totally for you as it features the local radio stations and news channels including sports news.It also features the most famous podcasts from around the world. Some of them are ESPN Podcasts, TED, and Big Money Players Network. You also have options which allow you to follow a podcast and get a reminder or a notification whenever it gets live. Moreover, it also has a download feature to download podcasts and listen to them later when offline. Every week, the list of top 100 podcasts is updated. Users can listen to the podcasts at the playback speed they wish for.

Music is the thing which this app is actually focused on. iHeartRadio provides its users with every kind of music. The playlists are organized in such a way that you will not feel any hurdle while finding the music of your flavor. Moreover, there are a number of top playlists of the specific genres which are updated weekly according to the interest or trend. One can also download the music or a playlist to listen to when there’s no internet connection.

iHeartRadio Mod APK

In the free version of this app, everything is available, but the sticky ads and limited skips can sometimes make it difficult to navigate. Furthermore, iHeartRadio offers its users a premium version of the app where they can access all the premium content that is locked in the normal version. In addition, this premium version also includes unlimited skips and no ads. When you subscribe to the premium version of iHeartRadio, you receive the download feature as well.
When you download iHeartRadio Unlimited Skips APK from our site, you will not only get the benefit of the unlimited skips but also you will get to have all the features of the premium subscription. iHeartRadio Premium APK users will have access to all the premium features as well as downloading capabilities.

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