Lightroom APK Old Version 7.1.1 (1 Click) Download

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As the number of internet users and social media users has increased, the need to take photos has also grown considerably. It has become a habit to capture oneself with a camera wherever one goes. Would you consider yourself to be one of those people who can’t live without taking photos all the time? Even though taking photos is easy, editing them is definitely not.

Users of Adobe Lightroom APK have access to multiple tools, filters, and presets to edit photos. Take the first step toward becoming an experienced photographer by experimenting with photography and enhancing the photos. Using this application, you can easily change visual effects, edits, colorings, compositions, and resolutions.

Additionally, we have made available an old version of Lightroom APK compatible with every Android device. There is no need to have a desktop computer to use it! If you use the Adobe Creative Cloud or Creative Cloud Studio, you are able to edit amazing photographs by converting your smartphone photos into Photoshop pictures.

Requirements for Lightroom APK

As a result, you would expect Adobe’s software to be very heavy and you would need a heavy operating system to run it. However, for you to make use of this application, you only need an Android device with a camera that is ready for use.

As a result, you can use this application to take numerous pictures with different lighting conditions and edit them using various presets and filters.

Users of Adobe Lightroom will also find a set of very simple and well-optimized editing tools that will allow them to view and edit photos in a manner that makes them look like celebrities. It is essential to give your photo a final touch even if you’ve captured it with a high quality camera.

Easily capture & edit photos

It is now possible to take stunning pictures using the built-in camera of Adobe Lightroom, which has a number of professional features. Through the variety of plans offered on the website, it’s possible to edit your photos and take pictures of your memories. In addition, Adobe Lightroom provides its users with a variety of advanced editing options that are not available in any other application of its kind.

However, it is important for people who are unfamiliar with the use of such software to have intuitive tutorials to help them understand how the application works, otherwise it is incredibly easy and straightforward use. No matter how little you know about editing, you can still apply various filters and presets to your photos.

Download Lightroom APK Old Version

For instructions on how to download Lightroom mobile, follow these steps:

  1. The APK file can be downloaded by clicking on the link above.
  2. Afterward, enable the installation of APK files from unknown sources in settings.
  3. You can then install the application by tapping on the last downloaded apk file and begin editing your mobile device.



Until now, Adobe Lightroom has been one of the most interesting image editing softwares. We have now made the previous version of the program easily compatible with Android phones and tablets! Just go to the website from your Android device and you can access it right away! You will be able to make your photos look highly professional and stunning just by downloading the app!

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