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The award-triumphing doors app is suitable for making plans for your subsequent experience and navigating within the Alps simultaneously as a vacation with Maps 3D – Outdoor GPS.

In addition, the different photo-sensible 3-D portrayal of the alpine panorama presents an intuitive and correct evaluation of the terrain in addition to the tour’s technical requirements. Additionally, there’s a conventional topographic map with realistic terrain shading and a slew of different beneficial equipment for making plans and executing your subsequent adventure.

About Maps 3D – Outdoor GPS:

The best software for navigating your subsequent excursion inside the Alps is Maps 3D – Outdoor GPS. It has a realistic portrayal of the mountainous panorama unlike any other apps in the market. Different mapping apps are mainly designed for towns and roads, rendering hills and mountains flat and dead functions. Maps 3-D is jam-full of unique tasks that deliver terrific results outside to colorful life, showing valleys, hills, mountains, and footpaths with complete 3-D so that you realize your specific elevation.

What’s New?

Before your trek, download maps through WIFI or 4G, and also, you might not want to apply the net again. Also, use GPS to log your journeys to encompass all coordinates and elevations.

As a result, you may layout and verify routes in a 3-D map view. Currently, offline searches are for towns, streets, mountain peaks, and lakes. Distance traveled, current, and typical speeds are all proven for a super voyage.

App Requirements:

This software, like any other, has requirements that you must meet to keep it on your device. This program requires Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher due to its size of 28.63 MB.

App Features:

Use Offline Routes: 

With Maps 3-D, you may be capable of planning, record, and percentage your routes, successfully changing your iPhone right into a full-fledged GPS tool with the cap potential to shop actual coordinates and elevations. You’ll also have offline admission to international 3-D map data, lowering battery waste and permitting you to pre-load maps to shop while you do not have a signal.

Search Maps Easily: 

Maps 3-D additionally consists of 3-D terrain and journey planning, so you will in no way get lost. With an actual and particular map show primarily based totally on NASA scans of the Earth’s floor blended with the outside map (Open Street Map) and the Official topo maps, towns, streets, mountain peaks, and lakes are all searchable.

Import and Share Your Trips: 

GPX-tracks can get imported through iTunes, email, URL, or Dropbox, and recorded tracks and shared through email, Facebook, and Twitter, suitable for displaying your most up-to-date outside achievements.

Quality Tested Excursions: 

The app consists of over 5,000 hiking, mountain cycling, and cycling excursions. Each excursion description consists of vital information, including the path and elevation profile. Also, you may effortlessly observe the indicated excursion direction with the assist of the GPS feature in your smartphone.

Tours in GPX layout or via the app also can be imported. You can import GPX excursions from the Internet into three-D maps with a single click, permitting you to higher estimate the excursion beforehand of time.

Record Excursions: 

You can report excursions with the app, and the space traveled is displayed on a map in actual time. The duration, distance, altitude, and pace of the adventure are continuously measured. The tune gets its store at the phone. You can store your tracks to your private cloud, pass them to different smartphones or tablets, and proportion them with pals if you create a personal account.

How to use this App?

Imagine that the app shows mountains and valleys in 3 dimensions via the app, and a specific Altimeter shows your current altitude. What makes you observe that? NASA’s test of the Earth’s top profile includes for the primary time with THE outside map OSM. 

Also, all of the world’s maps are for free. OSM’s complete series of roads, routes, climbs, trails, and slopes. Route monitoring and recording, a seek tool, an altimeter, and many different features. Importing and exporting GPX excursions is simple. And, maximum importantly, 3-d maps are entertaining! Take an examination of the images. In 3 excellent scales, cross paths, and ski slopes, Would you mind providing it a shot?

App Version History:

Suppose you want to try out the most recent features of this Apk program, download version 6.4. This software is 28.63 MB and requires Android version 4.1 or higher to run on the device.


Is it safe to acquire these Maps 3D – Outdoor GPS apk files?

Any rumors or websites claiming unique worries must get ignored. Apk files are generally as safe as.exe windows pc files; nevertheless, you should only obtain them from reputable sources. Some safest sites in our Apk download mirrors are below, so you do not have to worry about this app.

What are the advantages of the premium and basic versions of the free-of-cost software?

The app’s simple model is free. You can glance through all the vicinity maps and excursion routes. You can get admission to all the app’s functions per week without spending a dime with the brand new check subscription. After that, you’ve got its contact 3 top rate subscription alternatives to choose from in this app. 

What are the advantages of having this APK instantly from the source?

The program gets downloaded instantly from third-party websites in maximum cases. They might also have app information for ultimate versions, which you can download. Furthermore, in contrast to the Play Store, downloading is instantaneous; there’s no want to watch for the verification technique.

Is there any malware in this application?

It isn’t infected with viruses or has any other flaws. This app’s customized version gives you access to many features that are both free and easy to install.


Do you revel in taking place adventures in nature? Maps 3D – Outdoor GPS is a suitable software program for arranging your out of doors journeys if you love riding, hiking, and running. While different mapping apps are designed generally for towns and roads, rendering hills and mountains as flat Maps 3-D has perfect functions that convey nature to live, permitting you to decide the precise altitude above sea level.

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