Metal Squad MOD APK v2.3.2 (Unlimited money/Coins/HP/Bullets/Bomb)

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Now join Metal Squad, a game packed with action. With these side scrolling platformer games you’ll experience a series of different classic levels, enemies, and boss battles. Put an end to the reign of terror of the evil army leader using a variety of weapons and power ups to defeat multiple enemies

About the Metal Squad MOD APK

This is a first-person shooting game. The game will take you through traditional stages, diverse opponents, and boss battles in an amazing side-scrolling platformer experience. Put an end to the wicked army commander’s reign of terror with slug-filled weapons and power-ups.

The Second World War is the setting for this amazing platformer. You will find yourself battling a large number of enemies, such as helicopters and tanks, along with a boss at the end of the level. The game provides a wide variety of weapons for you to utilize against the adversaries you will encounter on the way.

Additional Information

App Name Metal Squad APK
Latest version 2.3.1
Size 127 MB
Developer ABI Global Publishing
Compatible Device Android
Requirement 4.4 and up
Modular Features Unlimited Money, Premium

Game Overview

400;”>Android players will join the hero in his quest to defeat the wicked tyrant and his forces and restore order and peace to the planet in Metal Squad, a classic action game. You can freely explore the limitless levels featuring classic side-scrolling action themes while enjoying simple and intuitive gameplay.

Various battle mechanisms will keep you engaged as you face off against different opponents. Your incredible abilities can be unleashed against your enemies with the game’s diverse weapons. Enjoy the captivating stages and epic boss encounters that the game has to offer.

You can also have a good time doing online challenges with Metal Squad, which allows players to explore the virtual world with their friends. There will be PvP battles and leaderboards as well. It should be a highly engaging game to play.

APK Features of Metal Squad

A Variety Of Characters

The game has a wide range of characters. In addition to the variety of characters you can play with in Metal Squad, the game also has a strong storyline. You can enjoy different ways of playing the game thanks to its many heroes, each with their own appearance and abilities. Several hours of fun are guaranteed if you play this game.

Each level presents a unique challenge within the game. In addition, you’ll be able to explore the game’s countless levels, each with unique and growing challenges. Each stage of the mobile game has 60+ levels, ensuring you have a great time. Get immersed in the shootout challenges with diverse stage designs and challenging difficulty levels.

Fighting Strategies

Each adversary has a different strategy. Playing Metal Squad is a rewarding experience thanks to a variety of adversaries and unique battling mechanics. You will be able to maximize your mobile gaming experience by implementing all of these tips. From countless waves of enemies that keep getting tougher to huge boss battles with fantastic opponents, the game has it all. You will have a blast fighting against the dynamic enemies in this game.

Leaderboard Challenges

Participating in the leaderboard challenges around the world is fun. Playing Metal Squad with friends and other online players is always a good time for Android gamers. Whether you want online PvP games or world leaderboards, you’ll find all that you need here. If you outperform your friends on the leaderboard, you will earn bragging rights.

Offline Shooting Game

It’s a shooting game offline, so have fun. With the game’s offline capabilities, Android users can now enjoy Metal Squad without an Internet connection. This means you can play Metal Squad even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Free To Play

You cannot be charged to play. With the Google Play Store, you can now play Metal Squad without paying any upfront fees. Due to the fact that it is a freemium title, it will have advertisements.

Super-strong Bosses

Get rid of tough bosses. It will be a deadly battle with hundreds of different levels of Bosses as you join the deadly fight. Following the defeat of a large group of soldiers, each battle ends with a giant Boss. Their power is unimaginable. While trying to escape their strikes, players must also shoot to destroy the object.

 It’s essential that all weapons, booms, ammo, and retrofits are used. Beating the boss will reward you with an array of exciting gifts.

A wide range of sophisticated weapons

The arsenal of weapons owned by Metal Squad is impressive. Four different categories of weapons are available. The first category is the major firearms. M4A1, snipers, ice guns, machine guns, and so forth are typical weapons. Special weapons fall under the second category. There are several types of heavy weapons in this category, including rockets, laser guns, flame guns, etc. These are melee weapons like swords, hammers, and axes. Many grenades are also available. Each weapon must be unlocked and improved to get the most out of it. Updated weapons will be faster, more powerful, and have a greater range.

Unique Experience

Get a feel for new characters. In the game, you can control only one character. A unique experience awaits you with each persona. They all possess unique strengths. John D. has a tall, muscular, and nimble build, making him a good choice for tall, muscular, and nimble men. Pick Yoo-Na if you want a beautiful girl. Strength, attack speed, and attack range of the characters have to be improved as well. By changing the character’s attributes, such as increasing time, gold coins, and speed, players can improve the performance of their characters.

Online Shooting Games

You can also play cooperative games while playing online shooting games. Because of the familiar controls, including a joystick and an operating system, players will be more engaged in combat. The joystick will behave differently in this 2D side-scrolling game. In addition to allowing the player to navigate the bullet line and throw the mine, dragging to the right or left allows them to move ahead or backward. These actions are generally in line with well-established practices. Elderly gamers might be familiar with this mechanism. Alternatively, the upper right corner of the screen displays an icon that resembles a gun. When you select it, you can modify the primary weapons you are using to fight the enemy.

Hostile Forces

As soon as the shooting screen ends, the boss will appear. Most bosses stand out from the rest of the game due to their unique designs. If it grows enormously powerful instead of standing on a platform, it will not need a platform at all. This represents the right corner of the screen, which is filled with blood. The monsters keep attacking and it is impossible to avoid their bullets. Be careful. Nevertheless, your actions do not constitute a violation of the rule since it will soon be amended. When a boss strikes, he or she can be killed in one hit.

Key Features

  • There are also a wide selection of characters and weapons other than shotguns and heavy machine guns.
  • There are more than 5 unique stages with more than 60 levels
  • Foes come in different forms.
  • Difficult boss battles
  • Amazing visuals, music and sound, and a global leaderboard are included in the game. The games are PvP and have global leaderboards.

How To Play:

  • With a joystick, move around
  • Using the Jump button, you can jump over obstacles
  • To shoot, tap Fire,
  • Then, tap Grenade to start an explosive attack.

Where can I download Metal Squad MOD APK for Android?

Installing a new version on your device requires you to first remove previous versions. Afterwards, open settings, select security, and turn on Unknown Sources.

You can install this mod APK file in just a few minutes. Here is how to do it.

  1. The download button can be found below.
  2. The downloaded file should now be opened
  3. To run this app, you need an Android device.
  4. The instructions are located inside.
  5. After properly installing it, you can use it and enjoy its amazing features.


On what devices can Metal Squad MOD APK be installed?

Metal Squad MOD APK can be easily installed on a PC. You can also use BlueStacks or NOX player. Follow these steps.

  1. This is The Bluestacks player is an android emulator that you will need to download and install on your computer before you can install any mobile app.
  2. Secondly. The mod APK will have to be downloaded from our website upon installing the emulator.
  3. Three. Installing the program requires you to run the downloaded file or click on the “Import From Windows” button.
  4. Fourthly. Launch it when you have installed it.


How much does Metal Squad MOD APK cost?

You can play for free. You can now download Metal Squad for free from the Google Play Store if you’re interested without having to pay anything up front. In a freemium game, you may encounter in-game purchases and commercials.


It is our hope that you will enjoy this comprehensive article on this game and also, that you will enjoy playing it on our site. Feel free to ask any questions.

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