APK Download V9.8 (Among us, Pokemon Go)

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Tired of using the apps with their same dull features? Well, now it’s time to upgrade. ModZilla io will help you in providing the tweaked apps or games. The modified versions it offers are legit. ModZilla has got most popular games tweaked in the way you want.

What is ModZilla io?

There are a number of third party applications known as mods for various apps and games such as Among Us and Pokemon Go on ModZilla io. It is basically an app store like Applob APK which contains the tweaked or modified version of the most famous apps and games.’s main site has got the simplest interface that you will not have to face trouble while finding any app for yourself.

ModZilla has different sections of apps. You can go to the jailbreak section if you want the jailbroken apps or you can go to the emulator section if you want any emulator. Just like Google Play Store, it also has a trending apps section, which tells what apps are trending or being downloaded.

There are many other tabs to choose from. It is best to explore them on your own. Many cool apps and games can be found there.

Installing any app through

It is very easy to install any app through You simply need to choose the application you want to install. The site will direct you to a tutorial explaining how to install any app before the process of downloading begins. gives you the option to install any game or app as it is a third party app and is not officially on mobile app stores. The third-party app is not officially available on mobile app stores, so it cannot be confirmed if this app is safe or not for downloading. Users should therefore use it at their own risk.

Downloading and Installing APK on Android:

If you want to install this app on your mobile device, follow the steps below: There is already an official site called


Google Play does not have this app. Therefore, this is the only source where you can download it safely without worrying about the virus in the file. Additionally, the app is modified by an unknown developer. Therefore, it is possible for these developers to steal your data.


Users of Android phones and tablets can download and install modified versions of apps and games using ModZilla. Two of the most popular games whose tweaked versions are available on this app are Among Us and Pokemon Go.

A new update is being released every month since the app’s release in June 2021. Updates to the article will be made according to the new updates for modzilla io. Please let us know in the comments if you encounter any problems when installing the package of on android. 

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