Mutant Fighting Cup 2 MOD APK v66.0.3 (Unlimited Energy/Money)

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There is a version of Mutant Fighting Cup 2 called Mutant Fighting Cup 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money). Build a monster and battle through each level. Improve your fighter’s skills by learning new techniques. Your career will begin once you create your monster, when you enter the cage and earn game currency. It is now your time to reign over the city’s nightlife!

About Mutant Fighting Cup 2 MOD APK:

Aceviral’s second version of the game will be an enjoyable surprise for fans of the classic Mutant Fighting Cup action. Play the unique and engaging in-game activities and explore the infinite mutants.

You can find new monsters that are more powerful and possess more ferocious abilities in Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Create your ultimate monster team by collecting and leveling up your monsters. Engage in epic battles based on turn-based combat. As you advance, you will become a champion. In our review, we look into this fantastic mobile game from Aceviral and its many amazing features.

App Overview:

App Name Mutant Fighting Cup 2 APK
Latest version  66.0.3
Size 86 MB
Genre  Action 
Developer Vivid Games S.A.
Compatible device Android
Android Requirements 5.0 and up
Modular Features Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, All Unlocked, and Free Shopping
Last Updated  A few days ago


Animal fighting has been legalized in Mutant Combat Cup 2, a game for the Android platform where players can explore an unusual in-game universe. People believe, however, that fighting simply with normal animals is not sufficient due to humanity’s insatiable thirst for blood. By breeding new species of animals, mankind has created formidable mutants by utilizing modern technology.

Players take on the role of mutant monster trainers, helping others to earn rewards by assembling the most powerful mutant monsters, building the perfect squad, competing with other top trainers, and winning matches. You’ll be able to win championships and a variety of stunning prizes as you complete the game’s limitless stages.

Each boss has its own fighting style and mechanics, so you must master them all. Check out the in-depth training options to level up your monsters. Learn more about the unique mutations of your new monster species. You will fully enjoy the addictive game play as you participate in a deep and fascinating strategy battle. Feel free to share your new challenges with your friends.


Mutant abilities:

By evolving your mutants, you can improve their abilities. By unlocking specific evolutions, your mutants and animals will be able to develop new and stronger genes, incredible skills, and updated powers, not to mention training and leveling up. In order to keep your monsters from deteriorating, it is important to always keep them in their most powerful form.

Gene Combinations:

Try combining different genes. There is a variety of genres in Mutant Fighting Cup 2, each of which grants mutants new abilities. Take a look at several different characteristics, including defense, attack, and support. Using gene-combination strategies, you can equip your animals with qualities that will help them succeed in battle.

Boosters to Use:

Power-ups and boosters are plentiful. Additionally, you can unlock various special abilities for your in-game characters using the available power-ups and boosters in the game. Using these abilities at the right time is important given that they are temporary.

Exciting turn-based strategy gameplay:

The turn-based strategy game Mutant Fighting Cup 2 lets Android players use skills from their animals to battle their opponents. Find out the best team composition when fighting other trainers and monsters. Additionally, the power-ups and boosters in the game will introduce an element of tactical play, allowing you to make the most of temporary improvements and alter the outcome of battles. Experience the thrill of Mutant Fighting Cup 2’s exciting gameplay and learn the intricacies of strategy.

Play with Pals:

Have fun with your friends while playing this game. The excellent mobile game Mutant Fighting Cup 2 invites you to participate in exciting PvP battles with friends and online players. A lot of fun is had in playing with your friends and putting your skills to the test while controlling your mutants.

Skill System:

Defining your character’s skills is crucial. Mutant Fighting Cup 2 requires you to be tactical. Several cups will be on the line simultaneously around the world. Because of this, you’ll encounter different adversaries at each level, and their profiles will let you know how dangerous they are. Your opponents will also become more powerful as the game progresses.

In order to become more powerful, players will need to upgrade their characters as they complete several tasks. In addition to the stats you obtain, you should also re-energize your strengths and skills. 

It requires that the player update his skill system and add several new genes to his character in order to do so. In addition, the character’s appearance will be altered as well.

Character Development:

Character development should be a priority. You can experience a multigene system in Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Characters have a talent tree of genes that affect them differently. A significant portion of Player’s time will be spent identifying and creating the right genes for surviving combat as well as identifying appropriate genes for their characters. Meanwhile, the player is confronted with a challenge that will take a significant amount of time and effort to complete.

Once you are confident in your character, you will play several matches. There are two types of matches you will play: PVP and PVE. In Player versus Environment, players fight other players on the game screen in order to achieve a goal. Participants in Player versus Player will be able to compete to achieve their goals.

Monster Preparation:

To train your gladiators, you must make them stronger. The monster’s level will increase every time they train. They will also improve their stats and combat abilities at the same time. High-level creatures will be easier to defeat. In addition to facing a large number of powerful opponents, it significantly increases its chances of victory. As you progress, you’ll realize how essential it is to rely on your existing abilities and base strength. Intensifying attacks or healing can prolong the match. You’ll face high-level creatures in this scary arena.

Destroy the bosses:

You’ll face some of the arena’s toughest bosses when you play. Their superhuman strength enables them to crush any foe with ease. Additionally, their powers will cause you great pain. If you lack the power or the level, you will lose. However, great techniques for using their love spots are also essential. Once the bosses are defeated, valuable items will be received. During the upgrade procedure, collect a lot of resources and awards to help. Can the entire ruler panel be removed?

PvP Battles:

It is a ferocious battle in PvP. Can’t you satisfy your rage by playing with bots? Discover players who are at the same level in PvP mode. A random opponent will be assigned to you when you enter the arena. To finish, one side must fall before the other. Additionally, the winner will receive several ranking accumulators as well as a prize. Losers also have a premium that can be reduced or increased. Rank determines the difficulty of your opponents. The more you fight, the better your standing will become.

With everything I have, I’ll face my toughest opponents. Defeat the most powerful enemies and capture the most hideous monsters. To earn achievements and titles, you can join Mutant Fighting Cup 2 right away.

MOD Features:

  • ATTACK! Facing gigantic foes and deadly bosses from across the globe, you must fight!
  • Practice makes perfect! Choose your pet and lead it into battle!
  • ELEVATION! Genetic mutations can change your breed and give you new skills!
  • Over one million creature combinations can be created by mixing and matching genes in Metamorphosis!
  • Be careful what power-ups you use in intense RPG competitions!
  • Become a PVP participant! This multiplayer game is perfect for you and your friends to play together!
  • CONGRATS! Compete for trophies and achievements with other players!

Evolution is the key to winning the Mutant Fighting Cup!

APK for Mutant Fighting Cup 2? How do you install it?

Remove all previous versions of the game from your device before you begin. Activate Unknown Sources by clicking security in the settings (in case installation fails).

The following steps will guide you.

  1. You can download the document by clicking the following button.
  2. If the download has not yet been completed, wait until it has
  3. In the document, you will find detailed instructions.
  4. It is immediately available for use after installation and its amazing features can be enjoyed.

What is the procedure for installing Mutant Fighting Cup 2 MOD APK on PC?

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 MOD APK can be downloaded and installed using a computer. Either Bluestacks or NOX player can be used for this. The method is as follows.

  1. First, install BlueStacks, which will allow you to run mobile applications on your computer.
  2. Secondly. The mod APK will have to be downloaded from our website upon installing the emulator.
  3. Three. Installing the program requires you to run the downloaded file or click on the “Import From Windows” button.
  4. Four. After you have installed the application, run it to finish.


Mutant Fighting Cup 2 can be played with friends, right?

Mutant Fighting Cup 2, a thrilling mobile game, lets you take part in intense PvP battles against friends and online gamers. Having fun teaming up with your friends and putting your skills to the test is one of the best parts of this game.


It is our hope that you will enjoy this comprehensive article on this game and also, that you will enjoy playing it on our site. Do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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