PUBG Mobile Runic Power Download APK Free For Android1.2

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PUBG Mobile is the world’s most popular battle royale game, but did you know that Runic Power is a separate concept from PUBG Mobile? A lot of people do not know about Runic Power. There has been a long time since people have been able to play PUBG Mobile Runic Power. Many people enjoyed the release of this version. Recently, the feature was removed. PUBG’s Runic Power mode, which was introduced in version 1.2, is still popular among players.

PUBG Mobile: The Runic Power

There was a mode called Runic Power in PUBG Mobile version 1.2. It was basically the classic mode but with new features. There are powers like wind, flame, and arctic that can be used in classic mode of PUBG. Players can now utilize these powers in a different way. These kinds of powers already existed in Fortnite, but the addition of these powers has amazed PUBG Mobile fans.

The player will receive a wheel of magma and increased bullet damage when the Flame power is activated. They will be able to knock or kill enemies very quickly using this power. Wind power offers many benefits to the player besides providing shelter. This energy can be utilized to the player’s advantage. Probably the most popular power is arctic power since it allows the player to build ice walls wherever they want. It is also useful for freezing ammunition.

Runic Power for PUBG

The Runic Power Mode has been removed from PUBG’s latest version. You may know that PUBG was updated recently if you are a player of the game. The Runic Power Mode is still popular among players. Downloading and installing it is completely free. In order to play the classic mode of PUBG with runic powers, we are providing you with the PUBG 1.2 APK.

Download & Installation for PUBG Mobile Runic Power Mode:


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