Racing Smash 3d (Mod, Unlimited money/Gems) 1.0.44 for Android

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The game is published by the most famous developers, “Games Union Technology CO LTD. racing smash 3d mod apk is the latest version of this favorite and addictive game. Developers decided to bring modes version of this game for so many reasons. The original version did a fantastic job among the gaming community, even though the original version was quite expensive in so many ways.

Also, not the whole gaming community could afford it due to financial reasons. Moreover, many players have been going through bugs that this game caused. It was the main reason developers decided to bring another bugs-free version with more advanced technology to provide gamers with a piece of perfection. So, makers developed racing smash 3d 2022 version, and that’s the most current version.

About racing smash 3D mod apk:

The developers brought this version after seeing the success of original racing smash games that was released earlier but still, there was some charm missing, and developers wanted to fill that charm to create a new version in that way so it could supply all the space that was left in the original version. 

Also, the epic gameplay, along with classical graphics, is the perfect blend for any racing game. However, this racing game is entirely different from other racing games. In other racing games, players have to take a ride and defeat other opponents by crossing them and reaching the whining point. 

But in this game, players can kill everyone and everything that comes in their way. Additionally, players will get equipment to hit their opponents and their vehicles. 

App Overview:

They are hitting opponents through the object. That’s a different storyline, especially for any racing game. No such games have been launched till now where the racers can use hunter racers down with heavy objects. Also, the download numbers of this version are reached millions.

The whole gaming community likes the concept of the game. They found it different and unique in comparison with other racing games. Moreover, the other features of the updated version are as unique as its gameplay.  Racing smash 3d mod apk download and enjoy the most super storyline.

Additional information:

App Name  Racing Smash 3D
Developer  GamesUnion Technology Co.,Ltd
Genre   Sports 
Version 1.0.44
Size 156M
Android Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Last updated  2 days ago

Mod feathers:

Unlimited diamonds, money and gems:

Diamonds, gems and money are the basic need of this game as players have to buy a lot of stuff to hunt other racers down to reach the final destination. Also, when the original version came out, it was a bit expensive due to the amount I had to pay to buy such stuff.

But racing smash 3d mod apk (unlimited money and gems download) won’t let you worry about money and gems. Racing smash 3d mod apk unlimited money and diamond will allow you to buy anything you need and like. Moreover, racing smash 3d mod apk unlimited gems provide to all the players from all around the world.


If you want to enjoy the most epic gameplay along with the incredible piece of art, then download the racing smash 3d apk 2022 version and get yourself an amazing adventurous game. Additionally, the graphics, effects, illustration, background, everything is made of using advanced technology to introduce the perfect match to the gaming community.

Also, various version has get released, but no version can beat the beauty of apk version’s graphics as it’s the most beautiful art create the makers. The animation of this version will remind you of all the epic animated shows, which makes you feel that you’re into the world of energy.

Everything unlocked:

Though the original version offers a lot, it still provides everything in exchange for money, and that’s why not everyone can play that version even if they want. But moded version provide everything already unlocked to all the gaming community. Racing smash 3d mod apk unlimited everything is so valuable in each way.

So, players can have all the rides; they can have any of the equipment they want to keep because everything in the game is fully unlocked and available to use. Players can pick any stuff from the game’s shop without extra effort.  


Players will experience vehicles to other objects such as helicopters to lobsters and cars to bike. They can ride anything, and their opponents will be there on any ride. So no matter what ride it is, players will hear the exact sound of each vehicle and object. All the sounds of everything in this game, makers recorded the real thing and car. 

Also, players have never seen such sound and visuals in any other racing game, where even the helicopter sound will be accurate. Moreover, all the scenarios players by pass-through will create music accordingly.

Other Features:

Various weapons and equipment:

As you already know, while racing, players can hit all the other opponents that come in their way and no matter what vehicle or object they hit. So obviously, players will need lots of equipment and weapons to hunt them down.

All the equipment and weapons available in the game have unique characteristics that are them different from other weapons and equipment. Players will also get giant forks so that the opponents can go down within one hit. Also, players will get more weapons and go further in the game.

Unique rides with different opponents:

You’ll go through all types of vehicles, such as trucks, helicopters, cars, bikes, taxis and many others; all of them will have different mechanics and characteristics. So, you’ll have to be careful while passing them through. You’ll have to hunt them through any complex equipment and weapons. 

Otherwise, you won’t defeat them as every rider will have unique and different mechanics and motors, so it’s up to you to handle them and hunt them down.

Dressing up the character:

Dress-up features make this gameplay more desirable, where players can dress up their characters the way they find it more attractive and looks super cool. Also, to create the epic combination, dress yourself up in an excellent way to look like a real-life rider who can make hit down anyone that comes in his way.

All the costumes and accessories are already available. Unlocked all the stuff, so feel accessible to anything to dress up your character in the best possible way.

Collect loot boxes:

To make it more exciting, makers added this fantastic feature. So, that payers won’t just hunt other opponents down, but also they can loot them. Players will get boxes from other opponents, and each box will have something great for the player that will help players go further. 

Moreover, they may find more abilities and upgrades for themselves in those looted boxes. So, while hunting your enemies down, don’t forget to take the looted box.


Bet yourself that this is the most epic gameplay of any racing game where you’re going to enjoy being a looter, killer and racer at the same time. Turn any nor all racing into an adventure by hitting and pushing your enemies with the help of heavy equipment.

 Also, use all the premium features to make this gameplay super exciting and addicting. Once you get yourself into this incredible gameplay, then indeed, there is no going back.

What’s new?

Well, the game itself is new in itself, but if you compare it with the original version or with all the other versions, you’ll find this current era’s technology. Also, the best new thing in version is that makers specially worked on it’s to make it super safe and secure so it won’t cause any issue regarding bugs the way the original version generated with several players’ devices.

 The addition of new features increases the beauty of gameplay. All the qualities are available in the game, which is enough to catch the gaming community’s attention. Racing smash 3d mod apk download and get yourself into another world of adventure.

Download guide:

  1. This site providing the link below the article to download.
  2. Click on the download link.
  3. It will take some time to install the Apk file of the game.
  4. It may ask for some permission. If the “unknown sources” don’t enable, it doesn’t allow third-party games due to privacy concerns.
  5. To enable “unknown sources” in whatever device you have.
  6. After installing the Apk file, go to the folder where the game file stores and start playing this game.


  1. What version of racing smash should we download?

You should have to download 1.0.44 if you want to avail all the new features.

2. Can players also ride any vehicle? Or they can ride a motorcycle?

No, players will have so many options while choosing a car, and they can select any vehicle for themselves.

3. Can you customize our character in this version?

Yes, you can customize your character in the not most excellent way to look like a looter and racer.

4. Can we only kill opponents while riding?

No, you cannot just hunt your enemies down, but also you can loot them, and all the looted boxes will have something good for you.


You can avail yourself of premium features free of cost if you download racing smash 3d mod apk. Also, once you play this game, you’ll surely recommend it to others because you’re going to find this gameplay completely different and addictive compared to other racing games.

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