Restaurant Paradise MOD APK v1.11.1 (Unlimited Money/diamonds)

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This gastronomy simulator for Android features colorful graphics and interesting gameplay. In this game, the user will be able to manage a variety of businesses and restaurants, selling the best food from all around the world. Keeping your establishments up to date with new recipes and ingredients will enable you to satisfy gourmets while also making a profit. There are also a variety of tasks and objectives provided by the player, which may earn you a substantial prize.

About Restaurant Paradise MOD APK:

This food simulation game is called Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder. A person who loves food or has a flair for cooking will excel in this game, especially if they play with someone else who loves food from elsewhere. In this game, you can enjoy yourself while managing the restaurant you have built. Diverse and delicious dishes found in the game draw players in because they are considered gastronomic heaven. Happy Labs simulates them. A world of delicious and enticing cuisine awaits you in this restaurant! Experience this tropical haven by coming here!

App Overview:

App Name Restaurant Paradise APK
Latest Version v1.11.1
Size 29 MB
Gener Simulation
Developer Happy Labs
Compatible devices Android
Android Requirement 4.0.3 and up
MOD Features Unlimited money, Unlocked
Last Updated A few days ago


Gamers can experience delectable culinary experiences while playing the addictive restaurant builder activity on Android. Create your own food empire on your own island. Play as a chef as you complete a series of challenging missions in the game and open shops that sell a variety of food and beverages. Create delicious delicacies in fascinating mini-games, earn special awards, and explore the incredible island.

Similarly, you can play island builder, a game that lets you develop an empire of food shops and stores selling a variety of foods and beverages. You will become the top food tycoon of your island if you manage the businesses on it. Develop your career in the food industry by making a number of investments. Your beautiful foody world can be shared with your friends and other gamers at any time, as you can design and decorate it with intuitive adjustments.


Variety Of Upgrades:

Upgrade and invest in your islands to develop them. In addition to the investments and upgrades available on the islands, the game offers another option for those who are interested. As a result, services, food quality, dining experiences, and other aspects of the industry will be greatly improved. Feel free to try out any of these activities if any of them appeal to you. In addition, if you finish the challenges with the best efforts, you are likely to take advantage of enhanced services and equipment, which will greatly benefit you and your clients.

Discover Additional Islands:

Discover more exciting activities on additional islands. While playing Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder, Android gamers will discover islands on their sea voyage. Throughout this game, you can discover new worlds through engaging in-game activities, prepare delicious meals on exotic islands, and take on new adventures. As a bonus, you will be able to create beautiful island designs based on fantastic seasonal themes.

Variety Of Responsibilities:

Accomplish a variety of tasks and responsibilities.  The Android version of Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder has a number of milestones and activities to offer users, many with great rewards. Participate in the game’s unique gameplay while you complete the food-related challenges. Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder will allow you to fully experience its fascinating gameplay once you unlock exceptional rewards.

Play with your pals:

Online games provide a fun way to spend time with friends. Now Android players can participate in exciting online experiences while playing addictive online multiplayer games. Your friends will automatically be discovered in the game if you link your social media accounts. Spend time with your friends playing games, visiting their gorgeous islands, discovering their unique shops, eating their delicious cuisine, tipping the proprietors, and having a great time.

Compete, Actual Players:

Play thrilling tournaments against real players. If you’re interested, however, you can join online gamers from around the globe in playing Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder. The leaderboards of the global leaderboard will allow you to compete for the title. You can play Sim Builder for hours at a time thanks to the engaging gameplay.

Restaurants of All Kinds:

At your restaurant, separate recipes will be used to create aesthetically pleasing, high-quality dishes. You can order seafood, sweets, and even a diet food at a restaurant. At this restaurant, you will find a variety of unusual foods, guaranteed to be natural, safe, preservative-free, and nutritious. At this restaurant, safety is of primary importance. Furthermore, you will find the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful, ensuring that everyone is completely satisfied.

Along with cooking and serving, players must also take into account the décor of the restaurant. Decor influences how customers feel about eating at a restaurant. Furniture, cookware, and decorations will be needed to create the perfect restaurant. In order to collect tips, it’s also important to do things that make guests happy and interact with them. A restaurant can make money while ensuring client satisfaction. This is also a business secret.

Food Islands:

Create a food island of your own. In Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder, players will be able to create and manage their own beautiful food island. Build a fantastic food business by opening a variety of shops and outlets.

Several improvements and additions are discussed, as well as a wide variety of interesting island decorations. While playing the game, you’ll encounter interesting events and storylines. Building and expanding islands will turn you into an ideal gourmet tycoon.

Entertaining Gameplay:

View the detailed and entertaining gameplay here. Android gamers will enjoy Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder, not only because they will be able to create and extend their own islands with a variety of restaurants and stores, but also since they will experience detailed restaurant building and simulation gameplay.

The simulated experience is now completely in your hands as you can now manage your stores and use the available tools.

Your restaurants should be decorated, placed, and served with delicious food. Try to manage the food, service, and atmosphere of the restaurant, taking advantage of the culinary adventures. You might want to boost the popularity of your convenient food stores by making changes to them. Keep your customers satisfied with your cuisine to grow your business.


Upgrades and investments should be made. Additionally, Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder allows you to make other investments and enhance your business on the islands. There will be significant improvements in service quality, food quality, dining experience, and other areas.

Make your shopping experience more enjoyable and fulfilling by participating in any of these areas. As a result of completing the tasks to the best of your ability, you could receive a selection of magnificent gifts from the game and its clients.

New Realms:

Explore new horizons. Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder is an Android game that features exhilarating gameplay and new islands to discover. As well as unlocking wonderful islands with new foods to prepare and adventures to experience, here you can explore entire other planets through unique encounters within the game. Additionally, you can create stunning island designs and designs that are seasonal in nature.


Participate in a wide range of duties and accomplishments. Its Android players can complete many tasks and attain great rewards in Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder. Complete the gastronomic challenges as you play the game. The captivating gameplay of Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder is sure to have you hooked immediately.

MOD Features:

  • Create your own restaurant city in this game!
  • Your business can be upgraded to a new appearance, food festivals, and fever sales can earn you lots of money.
  • You need to organize your stores!
  • Make your shop popular by using ingredients and potions.
  • Adding elegance to your dining room is as easy as placing dining tables, decorations, and amenities strategically!
  • Spend money on new products to attract new customers!
  • You can give them generous tips if you keep an eye on them!
  • Obtain certain achievements and tasks to be awarded.
  • Provide seasonal themes to your islands and invest in additional islands
  • Make money by playing with your friends and tipping their shops!
  • Discover some of the best restaurant islands in the world!
  • Find out who is the best restaurateur by climbing the Coin and Charm leaderboards!

On which Android versions does Restaurant Paradise MOD APK work?

If you have played this game previously, please remove it from your device before starting. To enable the untrusted sources, go to settings and choose security. Once you’ve enabled the untrusted sources, install should begin.

Modified APK files can be easily installed for this app. The steps are as follows.

  1. Click the button below to download the document.
  2. Upon completion of the download, open the file
  3. Your Android device must be installed with the app.
  4. Follow all directions on the package.
  5. You can now use this fantastic app after it has been installed properly.

How to Install Restaurant Paradise MOD APK on PC?

Restaurant Paradise MOD APK for PC is very easy to install. It’s possible to do so using either NOX or Bluestacks. Follow the steps below.

  1. Here’s one. First, you need to install Bluestacks, which is an android emulator that allows you to run any mobile app from the browser on your PC.
  2. Describe the phenomena. To play the mod, you must download the APK from the site after installing the emulator.
  3. The third. The program needs to be executed or imported from Windows once it has been downloaded.
  4. Four. Press the launch button after installation and you’re done.


You can also play the game from our site if you like this comprehensive article about the game. Please comment if you have any questions.

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