Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK v8.2.0 (Unlimited Money, God Mode/Dumb Enemies)

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It is the successor to the popular tower defense series. The gameplay of Royal Revolt 2 differs from traditional defense games by asking you to seize citadels instead of defending them. As a result, the sequel maintained the original mechanics, but it added a host of new features, like enhanced graphics, new units and locales, and a totally new storyline. You can play with friends in full multiplayer mode as well.

About Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

A successful RTS conquest plan depends on your offensive fighting skills. Adapt your strategies to your RTS tactics and soldiers regularly! Defend yourself against even the most difficult of battles with an amazing tower defense. Choose wisely your army, RTS strategy, and barriers if you wish to build a successful kingdom.

Additional Information

App Name Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK
Updated Version v8.2.0
Size 92 MB
Developer Flaregames
Compatible device Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Modular Features unlocked, and God mode is available

Game Overview

There are two elements that are appealing in Royal Revolt 2. In order to get gold, you’ll raid enemy kingdoms in real-time. Your city and defense agency can be built with these items, as well as your army.

Leading your army into battle is like being a sword-wielding hero. Knights and archers are the only forces you’ll be able to mobilize at first. You will then be able to unleash powerful ranged attacks with enormous monsters, fire wizards, and mortars. The more energy soldiers consume, the more harm they cause.

As a consequence, you should strike a balance between massively deploying units and regularly releasing lighter ones. In response to enemy fire, what should you do? Use magic to restore normalcy. Your hero can deflect an explosive hail by using his or her power. If any soldiers run ahead without thinking or fall behind, make sure to sound the battle horn.

In contrast, the defense is fully automated. However, you are responsible for ensuring everything works as it should. Ensure your adversary faces as many obstacles as possible as they approach your castle. The adversary who tries to destroy your defense barrier will fall into a hole if it is properly positioned. To defend the city entrance, you can release creatures such as vicious pandas or long-eared rabbits.

Online alliances can be formed in the hexagon grid battlefield in Conquest mode. You can expand your region by partnering with an ally. Whenever the goalkeeper makes a mistake, these friends will assist you by sending reinforcements right away so you can counterattack. Even overthrowing the royal family won’t tire you of this strategy game. Take it or lose it.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK Features

Build Kingdom

How to Build a Kingdom Against The Enemy. Royal Revolt 2 allows players to manage a kingdom that’s surrounded by any element at any given time. Therefore, you must construct a massive kingdom filled with numerous structures to be able to withstand attacks from your enemies, just as you would in a tower defense game. Your first structure will be the troop academy. There are different wars you can engage in as you grow your army.

It is up to you how you construct your country. As you build your domain, you will occasionally travel to other lands in search of riches. So, you will train in the troop academy before you are sent to war as a hero and army commander. You won’t be able to look away from the combat process because it is so compelling.

Defeat the Enemy

You can defeat your enemies by leading the army. You will control your hero from the perspective of a third-person perspective in Royal Revolt 2. To win, you must destroy the enemy’s defenses, causing their castle to collapse. Nevertheless, the hero will only appear alone at the beginning of the game, so he won’t face peril alone. Once you learn the location of the enemy citadel, call in reinforcements.

Your starting position is on the right side of the screen, while you will see a shield and sword icon on the left. You will summon your chosen minions by pressing this button before the game begins. The number of summoned minions corresponds with the number of blue energy bars below. Once the bar runs out, you’ll need to wait until it’s refilled. Be considerate of how the hero will use their abilities.

Unique Heroes

Unlike the normal minions, the hero can access his skills on the right side of the screen. His close range attacks are capable of doing a great deal of damage. Because of this, it’s great for destroying castles that your opponents have constructed. You will definitely notice this character’s abilities when you use them to complete your level.

Defend your kingdom against your enemies with archers, paladins, or werewolves and dragons in a real-time strategy game. Your Pet Pal and Royal Guardian will help you to face enemy tower defenses and fulfill your epic quest.

With the Blacksmith, you can create even better items in true RPG style! Use your unwanted items to melt them down and collect Pearls. The blacksmith can also help you enhance your defense and offense in RPG games

Strengthen your army

Games in which you can make weapons often feature blacksmiths as a prominent location. There you will make a lot of weapons for yourself. It gives dwarfs, snowmen, and even humans new abilities. The power can be enhanced by winning gold coins. More money will be needed if the power is higher. Even so, it is worthwhile to be able to fight creatures. Ensure you remove all unnecessary items before acquiring Pearls. It improves the equipment’s quality. Additionally, the enchantment of stones can yield a variety of effects as well.

Friendship alliance

With friends, the game is undeniably more enjoyable. It is an entertaining film, but it also has a surprising number of side effects. The guild system in Royal Revolt 2 was no longer strange. Make new friends by using it. You can organize events together and make new friends. When you fight with guild members, you will have many chances to boost your strength. A few all-out wars are planned against other guilds. Demonstrate your strength using all your troops and weapons. Share everything you’ve got with them.

Take Care Of Main Character

Your main character deserves good care. They are the most powerful fighters in any battle. The first thing you’ll do in the game is pick a hero. The purpose of this is to gradually boost the strength of your hero as you fight a few battles. The statistics show this clearly. A hero is always the first to fight on the battlefield. Having many different means of power available to a hero is, therefore, important. These include armor and weapons made by blacksmiths. Using sufficient strength, heroes can make wars simpler and more stable.

It is your tactics that determine the outcome of every match in Royal Revolt 2. Can you fend off the monster army? You can also demonstrate leadership and innovation. Royal Revolt 2 mod will contain everything and will run forever.

Download Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK on Android:

Uninstalling previous versions of the game is recommended first. If the installation doesn’t begin, click security and enable Unknown Sources.

It is very easy to install this mod APK file. The steps are outlined below.

  1. Below you will find a download button for the file.
  2. When it has finished downloading, open it
  3. Installation of the app is required for Android.
  4. Follow the instructions carefully.
  5. When it is properly installed, you are ready to enjoy all the features of this fantastic app.


What is the procedure for installing Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK on PC?

On a PC you can easily install Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK. Either Bluestacks or NOX player are available for this purpose. Follow the steps below.

  1. The first. Any mobile application that you want to run on your computer will require the Bluestacks player, which is an android emulator.
  2. The second is. To download a modified APK, after installing the emulator, download it from our website.
  3. The third. To install the program, you must run the downloaded file or click “Import From Windows.”.
  4. Click the launch button when you’re ready to go.


What are your thoughts on Royal Revolt 2?

Game 2 in the Royal Revolt series is excellent. Even though the shadows look much worse in part 2, the designs and art style are stunning. There is nothing more captivating than the challenge of going through stages, calling troops into battle, and casting spells to destroy enemy fortifications.

How does Royal Revolt 2 compare to its predecessor?

The average player doesn’t even care about Bucky, but for players who use the “Knight Spam” tactic, all Knights will receive Shields, significant increasing the health of the army.


This article about this game is comprehensive, and we hope that you will enjoy playing the game on our site. We welcome your comments.

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