Santa Claus Video Call For Android-Download APK

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Now you can talk to Santa Claus through this app named Santa Claus Video Call. Video calling Santa and talking to him and seeing him sounds so exciting and promising. There’s no other app that you can use to talk Santa. That’s why this app has millions of users, and they are not just using it, but they are also admiring this app. You can surprise your friends and loved ones by connecting them with Santa via phone devices.

About Santa Claus Video Call:

Now you and your loved ones can get wishes for Merry Christmas from Santa by using the app named Santa Claus Video Call. Yes, it will be a fake call, but it will give you a vibe of an actual call received from Santa on Christmas and getting a wish from him regarding Christmas. Only you or your friends can not talk to them alone; also, you can create a conference call in which you can add your friends and fool them that you are in contact with Santa Claus.

What’s new?

The previous version and the original version of this app have got created lots of issues and viruses. Hence, people had lots of complaints regarding previous versions, but this latest version has been resolved all those issues and has fixed all the last bugs. The app has become easier to use than before. Also, the quality of video calls is better to attract the users and the people who haven’t used it yet.

Santa Claus Video Call Requirement:

The size of this app Santa call app is around 144M that’s taken almost 4.1 in your android or iOS devices. The app is available for both devices. You can talk to Santa while having any of the devices.

App Name Santa Claus Video Call
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Current Version 8.0.05
Size 58M
Dualverse, Inc.
Last Updated 2 days ago

Features Of App:

High-quality video calls:

This app doesn’t provide you premium quality of a video call. This app has high-quality features, and a high-quality video call is one of those features. While making a call and talking, you will experience a high-resolution quality on-screen, nothing blurred or unclear. 

Schedule a time when you want to talk to Santa:

As you all come to know, this is entirely fake making calls and receiving a call from Santa, and you can also schedule a time on this app when you want to receive a call from Santa. So you schedule a time, and on the exact scheduled time, you will receive a video call from Santa and receive overwhelmed wishes of Christmas over a video call.

Simulate fake video calls:

As we all know, this app is entirely fake, and as it’s not causing any harm to anyone, so it’s just a fun app. You and your family can have fun through this app. You can simulate fake video calls from Santa and enjoy it to the fullest as it’s just an app to get pleasure.

The unmistakable voice of Santa:

Along with the high-quality video, this app will provide you with an actual audio voice of Santa so you or no one will get a clue that it’s a fake video call. You will receive wishes from Santa in a high-quality voice that will seem like an authentic voice of Santa.

Give your friends a surprise:

You can surprise your friends and loved ones too. You can schedule a call a while before and then give your device to your friend and tell them that they will have a surprise call. Then on the expected duration, they will receive a call from Santa, which they expect, and when you hear the voice and watch the Santa on a video call, they will surely get surprised that’s how you can make your loved ones happy and chill and give them a tiny amount of happiness.

Show off in front of people:

Also, you can do a bit of showing off in front of your friends as you can tell them that today Santa Claus himself will call you to wish Christmas. Now schedule a video call and receive a video call from Santa and get a wish on Christmas and fool your friends for a while that Santa himself call you and wishing you.

Pre-installed calls:

Also, you can pre-installed video calls even before in this app and then receive a video later from Santa Claus and collect warm wishes from him on Christmas. You can install a video call the way you like.

Free to use:

This app is available free for every android and iOS user. Although the original version isn’t free at all, you will have to pay a handsome amount if you want to receive a call from Santa. Or if you’re going to surprise and fool your loved ones, you will have to pay, but in the Updated version, you will allow doing all that free of cost as this app is entirely free for everyone around the world.

App version history:

The current version of this app is 1.31, and this Santa Claus app takes around 4.1 on your android and iOS devices as the size of this app is around 144M. If you don’t want to face any problems and want to save your devices from viruses, you must go for the current version and don’t forget to delete the original and previous versions from your device.

How to use?

The app is easy to use. Download the app, and there will be an option of select time, and that’s how you will select the time of video call when you want Santa Claus Video Call. You can choose any Santa photo from the given pictures by the app, so you receive a call from your desired face Santa. This app is a simple using app that can spread positivity and happiness. You can also record the video in advance the way you want for you and your friend’s video calls with Santa.


Can we customize the desired video the way we want our friends to receive a Santa video call?

Yeah, of course, you can record video in advance the way you want your friends to receive video calls from Santa.

Can we surprise our friends that Santa is going to talk to them?

Yes, you can surprise them. Simply schedule a video call and give your friend your device, and they will receive a call at the scheduled time, and they will be surprised to see the Santa calling himself to wish them Merry Christmas.

Is this version safe to use?

Don’t worry about any viruses or errors, as this version is entirely safe to keep and use. Delete the previous version, enjoy the latest version, and save your device from any mistake.

Can we choose the desired Santa?

Yes, you can select any of the Santa images from the given pictures, and you will receive a call from the same Santa that’s the image you have chosen before.


Enjoy this amazing app named Santa Claus Video Call and make your Christmas season more exciting, surprise your loved ones, and spread positivity and love among people.

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