Ski Safari MOD APK v1.5.4 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked everything)

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A classic endless runner for Android, Ski Safari MOD APK is a classic endless runner game. A big avalanche swept the main character away while he slept in his home. He now had a chance to reach salvation elsewhere. The youngster, however, is no simpleton, and he adapted to stay safe by wearing ski boots as well as prepared for the cold weather.

About Ski Safari MOD APK:

You’ll be entertained for hours by Ski Safari, a classic endless runner for Android. When a powerful avalanche swept away the protagonist’s tranquil and comfortable home, he was left with little more than his bed on the street and a chance to survive. This youngster, however, is no simpleton, and he adapted to the elements and needed ski boots.

He keeps running down the slopes, making it impossible to control him. Simply jump around avoiding obstacles. The obstacles are normally massive rocks that could knock the player to the ground. Ski Safari has no animal companions. Due to its speed and explosive capabilities, riding the Yeti can help you break away from danger and increase your speed. A variety of creatures are also available in addition to the snowman, including penguins, deer, mountain eagles, and others.

A decade of Ski Safari is a huge milestone for us. For ten years we’ve skied, glided, and ridden. For ten years, I have evaded the avalanche. How happy I have been! We want to celebrate this by making this runner game entirely free for everyone!

Additional Information:

App Name Ski Safari APK
Latest version 1.5.4
Size 125 MB
Android reuirement  5.1 and up
Modular Features Unlimited resources, Unlimited money, Unlocked everything, 
Last Update  2 days ago


From the original, one character only appeared, players will be able to play the role of Sven or Evana. An avalanche rips through the cabin while you are sleeping, leading you onto a penguin that becomes your snowboard. Afterward, your new snowboard will become a tub, and you’ll crash in a cottage. I’ll let you discover more information on your own.

As you fly down the slopes, you will find boosts that will allow you to fly as far as possible. Since the gameplay is based on the same premise as “Ski Safari,” you won’t have difficulty understanding it.

The categories within the settings within the game are easy to understand for players so they won’t have any trouble finding them. In addition to the map, the game profile, highlights, tasks you have completed and uncompleted, the store, which has a ton of excellent modifications, and the game’s general environment, you’ll also be able to access the map through the game’s menu.

Features of Ski SafariAPK:

Play with your Buddies

Competition between friends is fun. Using a local wireless network or via Bluetooth, you can compete against your friends in Ski Safari 2’s multiplayer option. This feature further enhances the gaming experience.

In the first event, the winner is the first to accomplish five challenges. In contrast, a player must collect 200 rings to become the first in the second challenge. There will be weapons and power-ups that can be used by each character to destroy the opponent by shattering boxes and gathering snowballs.

Camera Mode

The neat camera mode allows players to take screenshots. Explore the world! In a new photo feature created by the developer, players can now store their amusing, crazy moments. If you see your friends boasting about their skills, take a screenshot and show them what you’ve got. It is possible to pause the game whenever you like and configure the camera positioning options accordingly before snapping a picture. Following that, you have the choice of sharing your photographs on social media or saving them all to your profile, where they will stay for as long as you want.

 Free Shopping

Collecting all of the coins can be challenging in “Ski Safari.”. It is unlikely that you will be able to afford a snowboard, even if you save up a specific amount. It is possible to buy an unlimited number of items.

Snowboards, vehicles, clothing, and more are available for you to choose from if you wish to change your look. There are several bonuses and power-ups that can help you survive, but you can’t upgrade any of them. One-time power-ups only operate for a limited amount of time at the beginning, so you must purchase them again later.

Blizzard that appeared out of nowhere

Ski Safari celebrates its 10th anniversary! Adventurers compete in hard ski races during the chilly winter months. In the game, the main character wakes up when a snowstorm approaches his resort, which causes a loud noise from above.

This individual, therefore, is a skilled skier. Thus, he was able to escape the unexpected snowstorm quickly with his ski. Windpower and climate change are both contributing to the high charge rate. It’s not your typical snowstorm. Therefore, players take on the role of the main character and help him overcome obstacles.

Playing a game of endless running

It is Ski Safari’s 10th Anniversary! This is an endless runner game. Players must avoid the snowstorm and overcome obstacles in order to earn points. To make this game more accessible, the gameplay has been simplified.

With increasing speed, the skateboard will automatically move forward. Players must keep their cool and keep their eyes on the map constantly if they do not want to lose soon. To help players earn extra rewards, gold coins are strategically placed throughout the game.

The terrain’s assistance and changes

Ski Safari players celebrate their 10th anniversary! New friends will be made along the way. A penguin could be accompanied by a snowman, a reindeer, an eagle, or even an ultra-fast sled. The majority of these new individuals will provide you with either an edge or simply guide you through some random bumps along the way. Use these tools to simplify your journey.

Players will face continuously changing terrain at every stage of the game.Players will face continuously changing terrain at every stage of the game. With an experience screen directly below, you can explore the treacherous terrain of icy peaks. As well, the player must complete the missions to strengthen the character. By improving your score, you will move up in the leaderboards.

Slow Movement Of Avalanche

Initially, the avalanche moves at a very slow pace and can be easily avoided early in the game. Nonetheless, later on in the stage, you are swept out by a sudden avalanche. If possible, give yourself a huge head start so that later on when the avalanche speeds up, you can easily avoid it, e.g., don’t fall over rocks or get knocked over when you jump over cabins.

In the yeti or taxi, if you run over a penguin while riding, you can pick it up and it will follow right behind you. You will also earn more points when you do various tricks when this occurs because you will get an extra speed boost on top of whatever you are already riding on.

Holding down your finger on the screen will move the bird upwards, and releasing it will move it downwards again. If you fly too high up, you will crash and burn regardless of how you land. It is actually possible to land some extremely, extremely hardcore jumps if you strategically modulate your altitude while not falling too hard.

MOD Features:

  • This casual game combines Avalanches, Animals, and Action to make an exciting new casual gaming experience.
  • It’s time to leave! Our hero must stay alert as an avalanche continues to threaten the nearby mountainsides. The animal Sven loves can aid him to avoid an icy end by enlisting the aid of animals.
  • What a strange creature! It is different for each hillside creature, but they are all designed to help them flee faster. Sven can benefit from the quick flying penguins, the tough Yetis, and the incredible heights reached by eagles.
  • The sleds are also a must! It’s not uncommon for him to see fast Snowmobiles carrying large flocks of animals at high speeds on the slopes.
  • Don’t be complacent! The more missions Sven completes, the higher his multiplier will be.
  • Show off your talent! Performing backflips and riding animals, as well as a better point multiplier, will help Sven dominate the high score table.

More about game:

  • This is a fun, frenetic and comedic remake of Alto’s Adventure. The game I bought ten years ago has slowly become pushier as it began selling coins in the app, unlike many of you.
  • This game is awesome. There is a bit of a problem with getting money, but that’s all. It keeps you entertained after thirty minutes, unlike most mobile games which get boring after that.

APK Mod for Ski Safari: How to Install?

You should first delete all previous versions of the game. For those who cannot launch the installation, go to settings, click security, and enable Unknown Sources.

Mod APK files can be easily installed for this app. Here’s how to do it.

  • By clicking the download button below, you can download the file.
  • After the file has been downloaded, open it
  • Your Android device needs to be installed with the app.
  • Be sure to follow all instructions.
  • Start the app after it is properly installed and explore its incredible features.

Where can I download Ski Safari MOD APK for PC?

Ski Safari MOD APK is very easy to download and install on a computer. To accomplish this using Bluestacks or a NOX player is possible. Here is how to do it.

  1. Step one. In order to run mobile apps on a PC, you will need to download and install Bluestacks, an Android emulator.
  2. The second. Downloading the mod APK from our site will be required after installing the emulator.
  3. The third. Downloaded files need to be executed or imported from Windows after being downloaded.
  4. Four. Once you have installed the program, click the launch button.


What is the status of the Ski Safari?

Ski Safari is a great game with great graphics and a positive vibe. When playing against many friends, you can use a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Multiplayer mode is available in Ski Safari?

The game currently offers two modes of multiplayer play. Future updates will add additional modes! The Challenge Attack mode lets you compete with friends to earn points by completing challenges.


The article about this game aims to give you as much information as possible about the game and also to inspire you to play it through our website. If you have any questions, please comment.

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