Stardew Valley MOD APK v1.4.5.151 (MOD+ Unlimited Money/Everything)

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Everyone enjoys games where their imagination can run wild. Role-playing games like Stardew Valley mod apk are very popular these days. Open-world virtual games let their users decide and create what they want. When people spend a lot of time working and getting tired in the city, they often visit the countryside to relax. In this place, you have your own farm on which you can relax for a long time, and livestock to feed yourself. You can live a relatively stress-free life there with no worries.

About Stardew Valley mod apk:

You can control your character to complete all the tasks in Stardew Valley, which is a RPG game combining classic farming. There are several categories to choose from, each with its own characteristics. In recent years, many players have become captivated by this game despite its simple graphics and gameplay appeal. Game of the Year 2017-BAFTA Games nominee, Monster Hunter: World won many awards, including the Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award 2016 in the category of open-world games.

Although this game is free to play, some cool and unique features require users to pay. There is no need to worry about Stardew Valley apk, since we have brought it to you.  Enjoy more than all the features of Stardew Valley by downloading our latest mod. To learn about more awesome features of this apk, read the complete article before you download the mod version.

Additional Information:

App Name  Stardew Valley MOD APK
Size 247.1Mb.
Gener  Role playing games 
Latest version
MOD features Unlimited Money & more
Developer  Charles “Chucklefish” Barone, Eric “ConcernedApe”
Last Updated  2 days ago

Features Stardew Valley MOD APK:

Unlimited Money:

In this game, you can buy different items with money. The free version requires players to explore mysterious caves, battle with fierce monsters, and obviously gain valuable treasures before they can purchase items they choose. In this game, there is already an unlimited amount of money that can be used to buy any item and use it however the player chooses. Open-world games have pretty much the same feeling.

Huge Gaming Community:

This game’s popularity is largely due to its gaming community. Stardew Valley apk 2022 is a huge success due to the growing gaming community. The number of players playing this amazing game exceeds hundreds of millions. It is easy to find them and play with them.

Concentrate on Planting Crops:

As you begin to play Stardew Valley modAPK, you’ll quickly discover there’s a lot going on. How about buying new plants? Would you like to meet people? Try mining.

You should focus completely on crop production during your first season. While upgrading your farm may seem like a good idea, it will divert too much attention from your farm and will take up a lot of time and money. During the Spring, grow as many crops as possible, along with fishing and foraging as much as you can, in order to build up as much Gold as possible. With these profits, you’ll be able to purchase new tools and make modifications to your home. A simple trip to the store can help you put yourself in position for a very prosperous summer!

Put money aside for the Egg Festival!

In the middle of spring, there is the Egg Festival. We aren’t concerned with the event itself when it comes to making money; we are concerned with what the vendors sell. At the festival, Pierre will sell Strawberry Seeds at a vendor table. Strawberry seeds cost 100 grams each.

When the festival ends, if you have purchased enough seeds, you will be positioned on your farm. Even if it’s late, sleep is not an option. Every day counts for strawberries, so plant the seeds before you go to sleep. Why is this so important? In addition to producing fresh berries after a single 100G seed investment, strawberry plants will continue to grow for several days afterward, meaning that a single seed will yield hundreds of gold!

Friendship is a Beautiful Thing:

Most of the NPCs in Pelican Town can be made friends with. Over time, you can unlock special choices for each character, such as access to their bedrooms, as your connection strengthens. They may even romanticize you at some point. Single indicates all Romanceable NPCs on your inventory’s Romance tab.

It is imperative that you provide gifts to someone you wish to be friends with or romance. Almost anything can be given to them, but to be effective, find out what they like and give it to them. Typically, the bulletin board will indicate what interests them. A bulletin board request usually comes from an NPC who enjoys it!

A general store can sell seeds:

You should visit Pierre’s General Store after watering (notice that the store is closed after 5PM, and on Wednesdays). Walk through Eastern Farm until you reach the town center. The clinic, which is a white structure with a red cross, is directly east of your farm. Click on the General Store door to enter. The counter is where you can buy seeds for this season. The most profitable Spring plant (currently accessible) is the potato, which takes six days to grow. Take advantage of your money by buying ten!

On the store shelf you can find the backpack, which costs 2000G. You can add 24 items to your inventory when you purchase it. In the second or third week of Spring, you might be able to afford it. At least for now, you have the treasure. Replant potatoes on the farm. On Sunday, they will be ready for harvest.

Constructing a Treasure Chest:

Creating a treasure chest will be necessary for storing our items. If you’re exhausted, you can wait until the next day. Cutting down three to four trees will produce fifty logs. You craft by pressing ESC and navigating to the tab with the hammer. Then, you make the treasure chest by changing your hotbar. Anywhere around your character can be used. You can put it anywhere around the home, but it’s best if you do it on the grass surrounding the house. You no longer have to sell or throw away things because you have a place to keep them.

Going to Bed, Energy, and Exploration:

Your character will become exhausted after all of this. When you see the energy meter going off, stop exercising. A day later, you’ll lose some Gold, and you’ll have an energy penalty. If you go to bed before midnight, you won’t lose any energy.

The meter will be depleted simply by using tools. While you can still go exploring, meet new NPCs, and find new shops despite it still being early afternoon.

The television:

When you are tired or if it is late, go inside and watch TV. Start your day by watching TV. ‘Livin’ off the Land’ gives you advice and ‘Queen of Sauce’ provides you with recipes. You’ll also receive a daily fortune reading for your character.

Keep an eye out for worms:

You can see the worms in the dirt by the wiggly lines that stick out of the dirt, which aren’t just for show. You can find something if you hoe them. Only this method will enable you to find the library’s lost volumes, which contain hints and secrets when you read them. In rare cases (if you’re unfortunate), you can also find items for a museum.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t see them as frequently as in the screenshot above. In general, you won’t see them as often as shown in the screenshot above. Keep a watchful eye out for earth movement, however, and you’ll see worms more often than you might expect. When it is raining or on lucky days, make sure you watch TV in the morning and follow the advice above to prevent them.

Food should be brought into the mines:

The first few days of playing Stardew Valley Cheat APK, it can be easy to forget about food, partly because you don’t have a kitchen and raw food doesn’t sound very appetizing. To get the most out of every mining trip, it is important to replenish your health and energy. You can get advantage from some community bundles by providing a small amount of high-end foods like chocolate cake, but even creating a few field snacks (unlocked by reaching level one in foraging) can mean the difference between passing out rocks and moving up.

Birthdays must be remembered!

By talking with them at least once a day and giving them things they like, you will gradually strengthen your relationship with villagers. Giving someone a present on their birthday will quickly win their heart. You can find the calendar outside Pierre’s store (or get one yourself) to make sure you don’t miss it. As of the 1.1 update, all NPCs will appreciate your gifts if they are things they “like” or “love.” In addition to the 8x boost that comes with being a birthday gift, you’ll also receive friendship points for each quality level. Gifting Gold and Iridium products is not only about the idea, so if you can, do it!

Buy Some Scarecrows:

You can make scarecrows in the early game. By keeping crows away from your crops, like the real thing, you can save money. As they cover an 8*8 circular area, place them in the middle of your plots.

Without proper defense, crows will occasionally eat your crops. Even if you ignore them, it still costs you money and work if you lose a few harvests. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have some well-placed scarecrows to protect your crops.


It is very easy to read and understand the graphics. One advantage of this game is that old smartphones can also play it without stuttering. The shadow map also renders farther, and the geometry render distance has also been increased. The texture filtering has also been improved in the latest version of Stardew Valley APK latest version/

  • Unlimited stamina and money
  • Crafting does not waste ingredients
  • No matter how many ingredients you have, you can craft a maximum number of items
  • No matter how many resources you lack, you can craft anything.
  • This is how items are reproduced:
  • In your inventory, you can multiply an item by selecting it (after selecting, a circle will appear around the item);
  • Go to your stock and click an empty spot. If you drag an object (for example, a tool), it will split, and if you drag another object it will become maximum (for example, after dragging a fiber there will be 999 fibers).
  • When you open the game, turn off the network

Get Out Of The House And Make New Friends In The City

In this city-building simulator, you can live and work not only on a farm, but also beyond its borders. In Stardew Valley MOD APK, the user is able to visit a nearby town to find a variety of intriguing things to do. 

He made new friends, purchased and sold commodities from his farm, worked multiple jobs, got married, and even participated in provincial life. In addition, this does not even come close to covering everything that is available.

What are the possibilities in this game?

Build a dream farm

Play with the game’s content and explore it, as it has a wide variety of options. This game features more than 50 hours of content, according to the manufacturer. For a role-playing farm game such as this, this is a fair amount of play time. To play this game for a long time, it’s only for you.

  • Create a beautiful and vibrant farm out of your overgrown fields
  • Raising and breeding happy animals, growing seasonal crops, and designing your own farm
  • Breeding happy animals, growing seasonal crops, and designing your own farm
  • You can become part of the community by participating in festivals and villager quests
  • A vast, mysterious cave is home to monsters and treasures you will find
  • Forage and grow crops to make delicious meals
  • With Android touch-screen gameplay, you can switch quickly between your farming tools and fight fiendish monsters in the mines with auto-attack.
  • The game incorporates a number of control options, such as a touch screen, virtual joystick, and the use of an external controller.

More about Stardew Valley APK

This game is highly addictive, as it’s mostly a wholesome farming game. Fun things to do in this game include developing relationships with in-game characters and completing game goals. There’s a point after a while where there aren’t any more challenges to beat – but Android hasn’t yet been updated to include Ginger Island and offer ample gaming options. Furthermore, it’s fun to restart at least once after you’ve learned all the tricks.

You should buy Stardew Valley if you haven’t already. Definitely check it out. I absolutely adore it! There are many things to explore and do on this island, such as farming, fishing, mining, foraging, and so much more! In one of your saved files, you will need to challenge yourself by harvesting all the crops or hunting down all the artifacts. You make the final decision. 10/10, I recommend this game. Fantastic! 

Why isn’t the MOD version on Google Play?

Google play store has millions of games available, but to be there, the apps have to conform to some guidelines. Because Google Play Store does not offer any modified or premium versions of any application, Stardew Valley MOD does not comply with the rules set by Google. That’s why Stardew Valley MOD can’t be found on the Google Play Store.

Why Should You Download Stardew Valley?

It also allows you to learn about the characteristics of 12 potential candidates. The best way to establish a happy family is to quickly confess to someone you love. This resulted in the best simulation game for most people today. The villager’s quest and festivals are other seasonal events where you can prove your villager status. Besides exploring mysterious caves and fighting powerful monsters, you may also discover valuable treasures. You can provide your family and characters with fresh farm produce or artisanal goods.

You must plant trees, harvest crops, sell goods, purchase raw materials, and purchase raw materials in order to build your own small farm. There are many games with these features, so what makes this one unique? What are its strengths? On PC and consoles, this game is so successful because it introduces a very rich and in-depth world filled with interesting characters, stories to explore, and secrets that are gradually revealed. In addition, it offers great flexibility. Stardew Valley isn’t a game where you have to win. Everything changes with the weather in this game. Moreover, it becomes more attached to you when the weather changes.

What are the steps to install Stardew Valley MOD APK on Android?

  • Stardew Valley should be deleted from your device if you have a previous version installed.
  •  Enable Unknown Sources under Security, followed by Enable Unknown Sources.
  • It is easy to download and install this app’s mod apk file. Follow the steps below.
  1. Click here to download the file.
  2. After downloading, open the file.
  3. You need to install the app on your Android device.
  4. The instructions inside must be followed.
  5. When you’ve properly installed the game, you can enjoy its amazing features.

Getting Stardew Valley to run on PC is simple. What are the steps?

Download and install the PC version to play this game. However, you need an emulator to play this MOD APK version. Emulators like Blustacks, NoxPlayer, android Studio, etc., are easy-to-use and amazing to use. Using NoxPlayer and Bluestacks is easy and free.

How To Install Stardew Valley MOD APK on PC?

  1. To download, click the button above.
  2. Click on the APK file and select Open with -> Nox App Player/BlueStacks after the download has completed.
  3. You can install it on your PC using an emulator by opening it and selecting ‘Import From Windows’.
  4. Then launch Soul Knight MOD by following the instructions on the Android Emulator’s home screen.



Do you have access to Stardew Valley’s MOD version?

There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is YES. In our article, we explain how to use the Stardew Valley Mod to get paid features for free.

When using and installing the Stardew Valley MOD APK, how much does it cost?

YES, again. It’s 100% free to install. You can use it without any distractions because it has no ads.

It seems safe to you, right?

The most common question users ask before installing this app is this one. Since it is a modded version of the Official Stardew Valley game, it is 100% safe and secure to play on both Android and PC. The app has been used by so many users for so long without any security issues.

Is Using The Modded Version Banned?

Your concern about getting banned would not be valid due to the anti-ban feature built into the modded version of Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley, how do you make money?

You can earn money in Stardew Valley by planting crops, mining, and fishing. You can however get unlimited money for free with the Latest version of the game.

Where can Stardew Valley find new energy?

High-energy foods are good for replenishing your energy stores. As a contrast, the Stardew Valley mod gives free unlimited energy.


As a result of reading this comprehensive article guide, I hope you have a good understanding of Stardew Valley MOD. Feel free to submit any questions below. Let us know what you need. For more excellent mods, see our other articles.

I appreciate your kind words.

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