Tentacles locker mod apk v1.3 Latest Version (Fully Supported Maps)

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It’s an arcade classic game combined with all the fun of a mod apk, Tentacles Locker Game is the best mod around. Games such as this are called endless runners. This type of game requires you to weave through obstacles such as spikes and lasers to reach the end of the screen. Nevertheless, the game moves forward continuously, so it is important to keep an eye on your progress and take your time. 

About Tentacles Locker mod apk 

As a result, players face a few amusing mistakes due to their inability to focus on avoiding obstacles. You also have to watch out for what’s in front of or behind you as you play this game. Avoiding narrow gaps can be tricky because you might end up at a dead end if you miss one.

Additional information:

App Name Tentacles Locker mod apk
Developer Lutris
Gener  Casual 
Size 60 MB
Latest Version  1.3
Last Updated  2 days ago


In Tentacles, you throw tentacles into floating blocks to solve a physics-based puzzle. As you throw the tentacle, you must do so in such a way that it does not come back to you, but loops around the block again.

Starting out, the game is quite simple, with you having to move a tentacle between two blocks. If you progress up the levels, you may even need to attach multiple tentacles.

Features of Tentacles Locker mod apk:


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The razor-sharp Cephalopod:

requires a special key to open. Caution! Ignoring him will lead to your clothing being shredded slowly when left unattended!

The Zombie:

Just an ordinary rotting body that looks like it wants to eat you, but it’s only hungry.

The Slug:

A constant hunter of food and water, the Slug wanders around the Locker constantly. As long as you’re not afraid of getting slimed by the slime from his slimy bodily fluids, dealing with him isn’t too challenging.

The Slurper:

Consumes your underwear (possibly more) and grows stronger by doing so.

Mod Features:

  1. PS3 controller, Xbox 360 controller, and Xbox One controller.
  2. Maps are fully supported.
  3. There is a texture to the surrounding environment.
  4. (12 weapons, such as chainsaws and shotguns).
  5. The game offers unique weapons and power-ups such as jetpacks and shields.
  6. Unreal Engine 4 delivers incredible graphics
  7. Action-packed gameplay that is super fun
  8. Feel like a monster or a human!
  9. Challenge your brain with over 50 levels geared toward both humans and demons!
  10. Obtain missile launchers and new characters!
  11. You cannot buy anything from the app!

Download instructions: 

  1. The file must be extracted and then placed in your mobile device’s folder after downloading.
  2. ES Explorer, available on our website, is a great tool if you can’t copy files.



The tentacles locker apk is for what purpose?

A unique gameplay experience can be found in tentacles locker mod apk. During this update, the gameplay has been enhanced dramatically.

Tentacles locker mod apk: where can I find it?

We chose tentacles locker mod apk due to its unique gameplay experience, which is very different from that of the original. You’re playing a whole new game with better graphics.


Making a video game unique can be done as easily as modifying it. Making modifications to your favorite games doesn’t require any expert knowledge. The best parts of games can be introduced to new players.

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