Top 10 Contact Form Plugins

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Whatever the content of the website is, it still needs a contact page. If a company website does not have one, they are missing out on many opportunities and business deals, and programs.

About WordPress Contact Form Plugins:

The WordPress contact form plugins feature a variety of additional tools and features to enable a person to design and develop effective forms. For instance, the captchas are used to stop the storm of irrelevant and third-class emails and submissions. You receive such emails if your personal email id gets displayed on the social websites publicly.

The contact form plugins help to ease the styling and structuring process of the professional forms. Most of all, it helps to point out the most critical information you get from your active users. Moreover, you identify which fields you have to complete and figure out when is the right time for the form submissions.

WordPress contact form features:

there are different types of best contact form plugins; each has its properties and features. Most of the contact form plugins have mostly the same features. Most of them deliver design tools and a variety of fields. These help to keep you in contact with your clients and customers.

At the same time, the advanced WordPress form plugin provide design tools, different form submitting tools, and conditional logic. Here is a list of some features you should look for in a contact form plugin.

Visual builders:

these are not needed a lot of times but the drag and drop editors feature is a great deal.

Custom forms:

the custom forms include various design tools, different fields, and options to choose from.

Protection from spam submission:

the forms are designed to protect and prevent from spam submissions initially. But much more is required and expected from these WordPress contact form plugins.

Conditional logic:

this helps to enable or hide features like buttons and form sections. It only depends on the user’s choice. This helps the clients to open up to new and different sections and departments.

Frontend file submission:

it lets the customers engage their ideas in multi-page forms. This is also very helpful as it helps the clients take pictures or screenshots of their relevant issues and submissions.

Top 10 WordPress contact form plugin:

here are the top 10 WordPress contact form plugins you need to have:

  1. WPForms
  2. the ninja forms
  3. gravity forms
  4. contact form7
  5. caldera forms
  6. the jetpack contact forms
  7. form craft
  8. ARforms
  9. simple basic contact forms
  10. kali forms

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