TXD Tool APK v1.6.2 One Click Download

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An application known as TXD Tool APK is used to edit the textures of games such as GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Over ten thousand people have downloaded this tool and it is not available on Google Play Store for free. This app costs around $1.50, but why worry about the money when we give it to you for free.

There are some video games that do not have the features gamers expect. Thus, android gamers modify the game to make it more appealing. Nevertheless, not all of them are able to do so. It takes a lot of effort on the back end. What’s the point of not having a tool that allows gamers to customize games so that they can add more taste to them? 

What does TXD Tool do?

From time to time, we get bored of the texture because the developers do not update it. So, why should we wait for the updates when we can use TXD Tool to do it ourselves. The name of the tool is TXD, which stands for Texture Dictionary. These users will have the option of acquiring the texture files with the help of this tool.

This tool does more than just assist you in acquiring texture files, as it also allows you to do other things with them such as importing, exporting, deleting, renaming, and editing their properties. Its best feature is that it supports all textures’ formats.

Adding Textures to GTA SA & VC

Playing GTA San Andreas or Vice City on your phone and being bored is a sign that you need to add more textures. With TXD App, users can customize SA & VC to make these games look cooler than they already are. One of these games should be downloaded onto your mobile device before you get this tool. If not, it is useless.

Additionally, you cannot just apply textures to downloaded games from the stores. Using this tool, you will need to download the modded version of these games because the security is removed from them and apps like TXD can easily access their files.

Also, the developers of this tool stated that it will not work on any phone. Mobile phones with a minimum of 1 GB RAM and a CPU 4*1.3 GHz or higher are required to run this tool. Under the requirements it should not be run because the mobile phone may heat up, which can cause problems.

Download TXD Tool APK

Using this app becomes pretty awesome once you explore its features and functions. GTA games can be modified as you like. As well as adjusting the quality of the GTA games, the TXD Tool APK can be used. Users can choose the settings compatible with their device. From the download button, you can download and install the apk file of the TXD.


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