Unlock all levels in Little Big Snake apk v2.6.54 Latest Version

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Slither is a long-running video game that has basic controls yet attracts a large audience due to its competitive nature. Little Big Snake apk, an equally engrossing “io game,” is now available from LittleBIGsnake Studio. In an arena, the game is played by hundreds of people at once in real-time matches. The objective is to grow into the largest snake by completing tasks, improving abilities, and eliminating other players. Playing this game is both relaxing and entertaining at the same time.

Little Big Snake apk

Features of Little Big Snake apk:

Easy game:

Little Big Snake APK lets you take control of a tiny snake and explore a vast area. In order to gain points, you must remain alive for an extended period of time. Just watch out for rapid demise.


All you have to do is keep your snake away from bright areas and pests while avoiding other snakes’ assaults. There are more bright spots on your map if your snake is bigger. After a snake has been killed, look for bright areas.

It’s very simple to get started with the game for the very first time. Either the joystick or the lightning symbol will move your snake, and pressing the lightning icon will accelerate it.

Essential rule to remember:

 If your snake heads into the head of another snake, you are out. When a snake grows to a substantial size, you should start searching for additional snakes in the area rather than bugs. If you want to capture a snake, all you have to do is walk in a circle around it until it bites its own tail and dies. Isn’t it something you could be excited about?

Snakes of many types:

In this game, you’ll be able to collect a wide range of different snakes. When it comes to the game’s snakes, players can tell them apart by their size, colour, and pattern of spots on their skin. Even while legendary is considered the most frequent, it’s also the most costly and rarest of the bunch..

Once you’ve completed a level, you’ll be able to purchase new skins with rubies or earn enough skin pieces to do so.

snake collection

In addition, if you open a crate or play a minigame, you may get a legendary item. Wearing flags will help your snake stand out more in the game, and there are a variety of flags to choose from, like title, adorable, private, and signs, among others.

Additional Features:

  • Little Big Snake may be played in singleplayer or multiplayer. Playing single-player allows you to become comfortable before moving on to multiplayer.
  • You’ll be playing against a computer programme. It’s a chance to compete with people from all around the globe while having fun. You may also use the “OBServer Mode,” which simply allows you to watch the match without participating. You may learn from the top 30 scorers if you choose one of them as your role model.


Developer Littlebigsnake
Size 87 MB
Latest Version
Requirements Android 4.0+
Last Updated 2 days ago

Whats New?

  1. Random objects like magnets and binoculars may be found while playing. For a limited time, you may utilise special abilities by equipping these objects with boosts. You may make things last longer by using the Evolution feature. In this scenario, only gold may be used for upgrading.
  2. You get a key for every victory in a game. A chest will be unlocked after you’ve collected all 10 keys. Getting additional gold, rubies, and skin pieces is much simpler this way. Legendary chests provide new skins on occasion. You’ll also receive twice as many prizes if you have a VIP account.
  3. The advantage of “Little Big Snake” is that it allows players to compete on many platforms. To put it another way, the game’s platforms are not segregated. Even if you’re on Android, you may still compete with those on iOS and PC.
  4. It’s also free of advertisements so gamers won’t be bothered while playing. You’ll earn extra lives in the game with an unlocked skin instead of viewing commercials.

Graphics and Gameplay:

Big Snake APK is a fun game to play and has excellent visuals. Snakes in a variety of hues and styles are shown in this book in adorable pictures. Even if you’ve always been scared of snakes, this game will provide you with a new perspective on them.


Unlockable abound, gorgeous visuals are included, and the server is extremely reliable, making it a top pick for the best IO games. As an added bonus, everything is yours.

How to have fun with Little Big Snake?

There are a few tricks to mastering the game that you should keep in mind.

Keep your hands off your hat

It’s your job to strike other snakes’ heads with your snake in this game. They’ll also use whatever portion of the snake’s body that comes into touch with your head to inflict pain on your person. Encircle and trap individuals by using them as bait. They will either fall or commit themselves as a result. Be cautious not to bump your head on them while doing this.

Think carefully about how you want to develop

You may level up your snake in the game by using the evolution function. There are a lot of choices, but aspects like metabolism should be prioritized. More time spent playing means quicker progress in the game. Spending gold on pointless improvements is a bad idea. These can be recognized quickly and won’t be of any benefit to you later in the game.

If you keep an eye on the broad picture rather than simply the short-term gains, you’ll soon be the largest snake around!

You’ll never run out of Rubies or keys again!

You’ll receive greater benefits if you have more rubies and keys. Because they’re a rare and expensive currency, getting your hands on them will be difficult. Watching advertisements, on the other hand, will net you extra rubies and keys. Because the commercials last just about a minute, you may skip them. While you’re waiting for it to finish playing, take a few deep breaths and relax – after which you may return to the game and pay in your prizes.

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