WhatsApp Indigo Apk Download v5.60 Updated Version

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The Aero and Royal Whatsapp have certain features that WhatsApp indigo apk adds to the official chat software, however these features are not included in Whatsapp Indigo. This apk saves you from downloading similar apks in the future.

Whatsapp lacks a slew of functions, which this software provides. You may also use it on older Android phones so that your storage and RAM are not depleted. The apk is up-to-date with all of the newest features and improvements, and it uses just the RAM and storage on your phone to do so.

It offers a large number of features and capabilities that are unmatched because to its large user base. Your phone must run Android 4.0 or above to be able to download WhatsApp Indigo.

The app store does not provide a download option for its APK, therefore you’ll have to look for its apk somewhere on the web. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with the APK file so you can download and install it on your smartphone right away.

A new apk file must be downloaded, and the old one must be uninstalled, in order to update the programme. The only way to keep the app up to date is to use the automatic update feature.

Whatsapp Indigo Apk Additional Information:

App Name Whatsapp Indigo
Size 35 MB
Total Downloads 50k+
Last updated Today

Whatsapp Indigo has the following features:

  • You have the ability to customise WhatsApp by adding your own topics.
  • In a group, there may be up to 300 individuals.
  • assemble a team of 300 individuals
  • A Doodle Image may be specified.
  • You may check the progress of the Shroud online.
  • It’s possible to hide blue checkmarks in your contact lenses.
  • There is a 1 GB restriction on media files.
  • The header name may be customised to reflect your brand.
  • You have the option to Copy two messages at the same time and remove the time and name.
  • Prevent the general public from knowing whether or not you’re online.
  • More than five people’s messages may be combined and shared.
  • You’ll be able to transmit high definition video and still pictures.
  • Set your auto-reply to automatically answer your calls if you’re running late or otherwise unavailable.
  • You have complete control over whether or not gray/blue ticks appear on your screen.
  • Documents of up to 30MB in size may be transferred using this kind of communication.
  • Members of the public may join existing groups by clicking on the relevant links.
  • Documents larger than 72MB should be sent.
  • All the Emojis you’ve lately used may be deleted.
  • It is possible to broadcast.
  • The anti-boycott highlight films have been modified to include more information.
  • Through groups, you may have a video conference with many people at once.
  • You’ll be notified automatically if the status of someone else changes.
  • Each status may have a maximum of 256 characters.
  • You may hide your current status from those you specify don’t want to know.
  • Up to 100 MB of data may be sent.
  • Allow 256 people to join the WhatsApp Group.
  • You may hide discussions that have been archived.
  • Sending HD video and pictures is possible.
  • A message may be sent to an unlimited number of recipients.
  • Set a timer for WhatsApp messages to be sent at a predetermined interval.
  • It’s possible to hide banned contacts while also blocking all of them.

How to download? 

  1. Use the button above to get the whatsapp indigo apk file.
  2. Delete the previous apk file installation.
  3. Delete the standard Whatsapp app.
  4. Do not block resources from unknown sources.
  5. Start by entering your mobile number.
  6. Make an account for yourself on the website.
  7. Enter your first and last name here:
  8. Add the otp code to the equation.
  9. You now have access to the app.


  1. Is Whatsapp Indigo safe to use?

Yes, using Whatsapp Indigo is completely secure and safe. It’s virus-free since it’s devoid of any harmful code. Using this Whatsapp apk, you won’t have to worry about anything.

2. Whatsapp Indigo: How can I make it work on my phone?

  • Go to the app’s settings and make the necessary adjustments.
  • To get the most recent information, click on the “update
  • After that, click on the link that says “Check for Updates.”
  • Then click on the update button.
  • It’ll go to the app’s website and get the most recent version.
  • Install the most recent version of Whatsapp now.


It’s a well-known for WhatsApp indigo apk, and it’s built on top of GBWhatsapp. If you use this Whatsapp you may customise your privacy settings, download Whatsapp profiles and much more. This Whatsapp apk lets you customise everything from the themes and logos to the styles and fonts.

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