WhatsApp plus Blue APK v9.30 Latest Version With Anti-Ban

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WhatsApp is probably the best known messaging app that has been acquired by Facebook, a popular company. Among the reasons for WhatsApp’s success are its speed and security. WhatsApp’s greatest advantage is that its chats are encrypted end-to-end, so even WhatsApp cannot see the conversations of its users. You can share a variety of files with your friends and family, including pictures, videos, and documents. With the recent update to WhatsApp, you can now share your location with others so that they can easily locate you.

WhatsApp Blue Apk’s purpose? What is it for? WhatsApp’s simple application has many features, you might think. In reality, WhatsApp Blue operates in a similar manner to original WhatsApp. It can be described as a variant of WhatsApp messenger that has been modified for better functioning and results. Because the application’s logo has been changed to blue, it has been dubbed WhatsApp Blue. Those of you who enjoy social media or apps like WhatsApp Blue may be interested in our articles on Snapchat Mod Apk, Azar Mod Apk, and WhatsApp Sniffer Apk. This app is packed with fantastic features that will blow your mind. Here are some details.

WhatsApp Blue Features:

Themes collected:

WhatsApp has only one simple user interface, and it cannot be changed. As an alternative, WhatsApp Blue includes a collection of movie and cartoon themes. WhatsApp Blue can be customized to look like Samsung’s or Apple’s messaging interface. The theme lets you customize everything, including text, headers, and footers. You will be able to customize WhatsApp in such a way that your eyes will be happy.

Hiding Options:

The hiding options in WhatsApp Blue are famous. These aren’t available in the standard WhatsApp app. It is possible to hide blue ticks, second ticks, blue microphones, typing, recording, and to enable anti-delete messages for any one contact, group of contacts, or for all contacts at once. Furthermore, your contacts can hide their statuses from you, and you can see their deleted statuses. As your contacts cannot see you online, these options spare you the stress of responding to everyone.

Styles and Fonts:

Unlike simple WhatsApp, you cannot change the font size or style. WhatsApp Plus Apk allows you to customize the font size and style in any way you like. Various fonts are included in this application. The font that is used in the chat can also be adjusted. Because you are familiar with the font, only you will be able to read it.

Optimizing File-Sharing:

Due to the fact that the original WhatsApp only allows users to share files up to 16 Mb, sharing files larger than 16 Mb becomes difficult. Files up to 50 MB can be shared in WhatsApp Blue, so you do not have to worry about this limitation. Furthermore, you can send a video or picture in the original WhatsApp. The quality of WhatsApp is reduced. WhatsApp Blue, on the other hand, allows you to share original-quality images and videos. You can upload a status for 45 seconds rather than 30 seconds with the modded WhatsApp.

History and logs:

Also included in WhatsApp Blue are the logs and the history, which are features that are not present in the original WhatsApp. Keeping a record of what you do on WhatsApp is useful when you want to keep an overview of what you do. You can see when your friends went online and offline with the logs feature of WhatsApp Blue. Additionally, you can see which contacts’ profile pictures have changed.

Download Status:

You cannot download your contacts’ statuses when using the original WhatsApp app. There is a feature in WhatsApp Blue, however, that allows you to download pictures and videos from your contacts’ statuses. Downloading the statuses does not require a third-party application. Just use the WhatsApp Blue App to do this. You may also want to check out WhatsApp Plus APK if you want to enjoy more features.

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue:



We have just discussed WhatsApp Blue Apk in this article. The apk file can be downloaded by clicking the link below in the download section and installed to start using WhatsApp Blue’s amazing features. Our team will continue to update this article and the apk file as WhatsApp Blue is updated. Please let us know if you run into any problems installing the apk file or if the application doesn’t work properly in the comments section. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our Website is the best place to get the latest version of WhatsApp Blue if your app shows the notification of a new update. We also have an article about Zoom Mod Apk, the most popular app for meetings, sharing files, and chatting.

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